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10 Instagrammers I’m Crushin’ On (Real Hard)


10 IInstagrammers I'm Crushing On (Real Hard)

In case you didn’t know… I just really love Instagram. It’s become the most interactive aspect of my business, and one of the most valuable ones too. (Hey, we even developed a class all about that!) But more than anything, I’ve loved discovering REALLY AWESOME people doing crazy amazing things on the platform. Those tiny squares are like a giant FEAST for my eyeballs. So, I thought it would be fun to share 10 Instagrammers whose work makes my heart go BOOM BOOM. Real loud. How about it!?

Click through to see my faves!

Ten Instagrammers I'm Crushing On
Her lines and color combos OWN MY HEART. If I could just buy a “Claire Nicolson” filter and put it on my ENTIRE life, I would.

Ten Instagrammers I'm Crushing On
I got the pleasure of meeting Marjorie a few months back and she is just as sweet as her pastel-perfect Insta feed! Her #watchitseries is one of my faves but just scrolling through her feed is like a form of colorful meditation for me. Is that weird?

Ten Instagrammers I'm Crushing On
A perfect mix of on-point styling and AH-mazing archictecture. I basically want to follow her around while she finds all these magical places.

Ten Instagrammers I'm Crushing On
Do I need to give a reason for this one? LOOK at that food portrait. Anyone who gives a lady popcorn hair moves straight to the top of my #fangirl list.

Ten Instagrammers I'm Crushing On
Part pool-float-party, part #happyhousedreams. Sophie’s feed is like a technicolor explosion of, well, happiness.

Ten Instagrammers I'm Crushing On
Someone who shares my DEEP love for the color pink!!! All pink errything on this feed and I am NOT complaining about it.

Ten Instagrammers I'm Crushing On
If you aren’t following Matt Crump, WHAT are you doing with your life? You can thank him for the #candyminimal movement, I believe. If only the world looked like this all the time. *Sigh*

Ten Instagrammers I'm Crushing On
I was never a collector (I’m more the hoarding type) but I’ve always been fascinated by such things. Julie is on a #100daysofrainbows mission and each day you’ll find a new rainbow hued collection that makes you want to go buy ALL THE THINGS and make one of your own.

Ten Instagrammers I'm Crushing On
All I want is your CANDY! One word: #thecandyrainbow. And the photos that aren’t filled with candy, are filld with paper pretties. I know, it’s like it’s too good to be true except for IT REALLY EXISTS.

 Ten Instagrammers I'm Crushing On
Composition is the name of the game here. Each photo is composed SO perfectly, your brain needs a cocktail AND a donut to recover from how spectacular it is. Just go. You’ll know what I mean.

And there you have it. Some of my faves! Can we just give one more round of applause to these ten folks for making Instagram a more colorfully wonderful place.

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