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15 Dresses I Want To Live In This Summer


15 Dresses I Want To Live In This Summer

Do you ever suddenly look at your closet and hate everything? That’s currently where I’m at! I’m finding the only things I want to wear are tees, button downs and… dresses!? For some reason I almost never buy dresses. But since becoming a mom, I’ve been trying to find something comfy to wear on the weekends this summer when jeans are too hot. Suddenly, all I want to buy are long(er), comfortable summer dresses. Thought I’d share some of the ones I’ve found in case you’re on the hunt for some too!

15 Dresses I Want To Live In This Summer

Rainbow Stripe Tank Dress | Hot Pink Shirt Dress | Blue Stripe Shirt Dress
White Tank Dress | Blush Shirt Dress | Rainbow Maxi Dress
Rainbow Twist Maxi Dress | Red Stripe Dress | Polka Dot Dress
Embroidered Tunic Dress | Blue Stripe Button Dress | Green Stripe Dress (+ here)
Pink Ruffle Dress | Rainbow Tie Shoulder Dress | Yellow Dress

Any faves!? (p.s. The sunnies + bag in the top photo of me are coming to the shop next week!!)


  • les

    if that picture of you above does not say hollywood royalty I DONT KNOW WHAT DOES!

    H O L Y
    S M O K E S !

    alos, thanks for this post! i love all of these dresses and i cant believe that what i want to be wearing now. i used to love jeans so much.
    these dresses are so good for summer!

    • Kelly

      Haha! It does make me feel like I’m on the set of an old hollywood movie, not gonna lie! I’ve always been a jeans girl too but for some reason, dresses are just calling my name right now!!

  • Michelle

    I am usually the person who never wears dresses, although I have a few in my closet. Summer seems to be an exception! I love that Blush Shirt Dress btw.

  • Eleanor

    I have a ton of dresses and am totally obsessed! Especially with sleeveless or short sleeve shirt dresses I can wear to work and midi length jersey dresses that look really good dressed up or down (Uniqlo is the besssttt for this). I love the reformation dress on the top row and the Anthro on the bottom but $$$ out of my price range.

    As always, love your fashion posts!

    • Kelly

      Ooooh I gotta check out the Uniqlo ones!! Thanks for the tip!

      So glad you love these posts!

  • lyndi

    What size are you wearing in the photo? The green and white stripes are darling.


  • LirioNohemy

    Check you out in that green dress! Hot stuff!!! I’m a sucker for dresses, especially a good striped one! That rainbow twist and embroidered one are gorgeous! I usually live in dresses once AZ spring/summer hits but your post on how to wear a button down really inspired me to give them a try again. I recently thrifted a few colorful button downs and they’re now slowly becoming a new fave (:

  • Felicia

    What a cool photo of you! I love dresses, I’m usually in maxi skirts all summer but I should try wearing dresses more often, you’ve inspired me! My favorite dress is the embroidered one and the colorful one second row. Great picks!

  • Hey Maca

    I’m such a sucker for dresses and skirts! and OMG KELLY THAT PICTURE IS HEAVEN!
    I had to cap this, sorry! LOL!..


  • net worth

    I have just realized that I only have about 3 dresses only for special occasion such as wedding. Love the dresses you chose. Gotta buy at least one dress this summer.

  • Becca

    Hi! These are all super cute, but I would love to see more dresses that come in a wider range of sizes! I get that those aren’t the sizes/clothes you’re rocking, but it’s hard to love the fashion posts when there is literally one dress here that I would be able to wear, and all of the photos feature models (who do look awesomely diverse in other ways!) in the smallest sizes. (The target dress is the only one that goes past an XL, and many of them only go up to a 12 or a large.)

  • Amelia

    I have the rainbow reformation one and I’m obsessed. Can’t wait to find an occasion to wear it!

  • Nicole

    I was going to suggest vici collection to you but i see you bought one of my favorite dresses! To die for i love it! How do you like it, i really need to hurry up and order it. I bought their turks and Caicos dress and it’s so gorgeous! Check it out.

  • horsy land

    Gotta buy at least one dress this summer.

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