Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas
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Last Minute DIY Holiday Gift Wrap


Today I’m sharing yesterday’s gift wrap, holiday-i-fied! I originally planned a very non-traditional gift wrap color scheme this year of teals, peaches and golds but when I had so many leftover packaging supplies from my cookie gifting, I decided to get a little creative with what I had and go with a more traditional palette! So for you last minuters out there, get to wrapping!


Some boxes, like the one I used, don’t even need wrapping. Instead I used a roll of paper from Martha Stewart (You can sub ribbon here!) and then I made a very Christmas-y version of those tissue paper flowers I talked about yesterday (Check out the details on making these, here!). Instead of tulle and tissue, I used the sheets of foil paper and striped wax paper I had leftover. To finish each I hot glued a bit of tinsel to the center.

last-minute-diy-christmas-gift-wrap diy-stripe-polka-dot-gift-wrap

diy-candy-cane-christmas-gift-wrap red-white-silver-diy-holiday-gift-wrap

And that’s it! These tissue paper flowers are so easy to make and you can use any leftover tissue you have. Even plain white would be pretty with colored tinsel, a bulb ornament or a jingle bell in the middle!


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Happy Wrapping!


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