Five Things to do with Leftover Valentine's Day Chocolate

Five Things to do with Leftover Chocolate


I know, I said leftover chocolate. You’re probably thinking “leftover”? But I should explain… I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat all that chocolate you got for Valentine’s Day or those leftover chocolate candies from your kid’s Valentine party, I’m just saying you may want to get a little creative with it! Here’s a few ideas on how to morph those chocolates into breakfast, snacks and, yes, more desserts!

1. Chocolate Poptarts: Why eat the ones from a box when you can eat homemade chocolate poptarts? Uh “because they’re too complicated” is probably you’re asnwer… WRONG! These take two ingredients, prepared pie crusts and chocolate bars. Good morning to you, too!


Chocolate Poptarts via Babble

2. Candy Stuffed Cookies: Because, why wouldn’t you want to squash a candy bar of your choice between two chocolate chip cookies? I mean really, is that a question!? Pick the leftover candy of your choice (I’d probably pick Reeses Peanut Butter hearts though..), stuff it between your cookie dough and get ready to shock and awe your family, or dinner party guests.


Candy Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches via Picky Palate

3. Chocolate Ice Cubes: Have a few Hershey bars, some cute Dove chocolate hearts? substitute the chocolate called for in this recipe with that and you’ve got yourself some nice chocolate ice cubes to add a little pizazz to your next glass of milk!

chocolate-milk-ice-cubes chocolate-ice-cubes

Chocolate Ice Cubes via Le Pétrin

4. Chocolate Bar Brownies: Were you one of the lucky ones that got those coveted (insert awesome ingredient here) filled Ghiradelli chocolate squares? Up the choco-licious factor by adding them on top (and inside) of your next batch of brownies!


Ghirardelli Almond Brownies via Gingerbread Bagels

5. Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn: Have a family movie night tradition? Surprise them with a chocolate drizzle on their bowl of popcorn! Sometimes the best thing to do with excess chocolate is melt it and put it on, well, anything…


Chocolate Popcorn via My Name is Snickerdoodle

Have something you’d like to see in the “Five Things to do with…” series? Let me know in the comments below!


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