Red, Blue and Yellow DIY Birthday Brunch
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A Primary Color DIY Birthday Brunch


I hope you all had the chance to enjoy the long weekend! I have a simple little last minute party for you today. Jeff’s birthday was a few weeks ago and while I had already surprised him with his present and had already prepared his traditional birthday cake, I wanted to do a little something else fun. We were talking about how we missed our birthday parties as kids, so I decided to get a little nostalgic and throw a birthday brunch more fit for a five year old than a twenty-something. Why not, right!? Primary colors, confetti, sprinkles and balloons… and I threw (most) of it together in an hour while he was out and about. Keep reading for the behind the scenes DIY projects too!

primary-color-birthday-brunch primary-color-birthday-party

I had remnant red fabric, blue tissue paper and a few blue balloons. That was about as complicated as the table decor got! I whipped up a batch of cake batter pancakes using primary color sprinkles and finally got the chance to break out my thrifted yellow and white stripe plates! (Have you noticed yet that my color of choice is always yellow?) My favorite part was the watercolor paper garlands I made, but more on that in a bit.

 diy-birthday-pancake-brunch red-yellow-blue-watercolor-garland


Of course Bella had to check out the scene, too…

diy-birthday-brunch funfetti-pancakes

Lucky for me, I can work on surprises for Jeff without any real questions. Oh, you’re dying paper and painting mason jars at 8am on a Saturday? He doesn’t even question it anymore… That’s life with a DIY-er I suppose! I turned the camera off while we enjoyed the mini-party, but here’s how the lowdown on how I prepped everything…


I had a ton of leftover thick paper from making my business cards and I had been saving it for something. I decided to try out Jordan’s awesome watercolor confetti idea with my own twist. And it worked! Paint + water + paper strips, mix in a mason jar, drain and let dry (Overnight ideally)! I wanted my colors to be super bright so I added a little more paint than she suggests in the tutorial. I used some of the “confetti” to sprinkle on the table and the rest to make the garland above. I simply took white baker’s twine and strung it through a large needle. I poked a hole through each piece and tied a knot in the string after adding each strip to keep them in place (mine were about 3 inches apart). Then I just taped them to the ceiling of our patio. (P.s. you could simplify this garland by just cutting up colored card stock!)


One other project I did was paint one of my many mason jars yellow. I simply used yellow craft paint to paint the inside and let it dry (again, takes awhile!). With the prep work done a bit in advance, it only took me a few minutes to get everything together and make a little birthday celebration!

watercolor-paper painted-mason-jar

All Photos by Studio DIY

Bada-bing! A DIY birthday brunch in only a few days planning!

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