Hue It Yourself Supply Guide: Black, White + Rainbow Party Color Palette
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Black + White + Rainbow All Over Party Supply Guide


I’m testing out a little something new today, so please let me know how you like it! After re-vamping my “Hue It Yourself” posts last week, I thought it might be fun to take it a step further, turning those inspirational color palettes into party supply guides too! So, I bring you the Hue It Yourself Supply Guide! A few fun party details to create a perfectly hued party. Up first I’m bringing Black + White + Rainbow All Over into reality and boy oh boy do I want to throw a birthday party with this palette! Who’s birthday is coming up!?


Black + White + Rainbow All Over Supply Guide

1. Mini Taper Candles from Shop Sweet Lulu
2. Birthday Card by Presse Dufour
3. Lacquered Boxes from The Container Store
4. Rainbow Party Hats by Bayou Moon
5. Black Cake Stand by A Fabulous Fete
6. Biodegradable Plastic Spoons from Shop Sweet Lulu
7. Striped Candy Balls from Candy Warehouse
8. Rainbow Tassel Trim from The Gilded Bee
9. Black Paper Plates by Crate & Barrel

So, what do you think!? Should the Hue It Yourself Supply Guides stick around?

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  • Rebecca - A Daily Something

    I love this color palette….such a great idea to add black in. And I search Target everytime I go for mini taper candles….but never find them. And I was always too lazy to find them online. Thank you for giving me the info 😉

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