DailyBuzz Style 9x9: DIY Neon + Neutral Cut Out Bunting
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DailyBuzz Style 9×9: DIY Neon + Neutral Bunting


I’m so excited to be participating in this month’s DailyBuzz Style 9×9 Challenge! If you haven’t already checked out the DailyBuzz community, you must. Right now! Ok, now that we’re all caught up, I’ll explain a bit about the challenge. This month, in honor of their one year anniversary, bloggers were asked to create a post inspired by our favorite of the past year’s Top 9 posts! Holy cow, that was a tough decision! I ended up choosing Neon + Neutrals because I really just can’t resist a good pop of color, despite it taking me quite some time to warm up to the neon trend. I’ve already experimented a bit in neon here, but I just love this neon + neutral cut out bunting I ended up creating! You can use it for any party, and if you aren’t into neon, switch out any color behind the kraft background.

DIY Neon and Kraft Bunting

DIY Kraft and Neon Cut Out Bunting


Supply List:

Kraft Paper or Brown Paper Lunch Bags
Neon Cardstock
X-acto Knife
Letter/Shape Templates (Print off letters in a bold font from your computer) or Stencils
Spray Adhesive
Ribbon, twine or other string for hanging
Tape or glue

To Make:

Cut out flags from your kraft paper. I used paper lunch bags for mine, so I simply marked the center of the bag just above where the bottom folded up and cut from each top corner to the center. My flags were 5 3/4″ wide at the top and 8″ tall, but they can be any size you choose!

DIY Kraft Bunting DIY Kraft Paper Bunting

Cut out your letter templates and trace them in reverse onto your flags. Cut out each from the flags. Remember! Reserve any sort of “centers” you cut out (like for an O or A) as you’ll need these for your final flags.

Kraft DIY Bunting DIY Cut Out Bunting

In a well ventilated area, spray the back side of each flag with spray adhesive and glue to your neon cardstock. Using your kraft flag’s shape as a guideline, cut off the excess cardstock.

Easy DIY Party Bunting DIY Bunting Neon and Neutral

Lay out your letters/shapes in your desired order and tape or glue to your ribbon or string!

DIY Neon Cut Out Bunting DIY Neon Bunting

Hang and, well, bust a move!

DIY Neon and Neutral Bunting

DIY Neon and Kraft Cut Out Bunting

All Photos by Studio DIY

A special thanks to DailyBuzz for giving me the opportunity to participate in this fun excuse for a colorful DIY!

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