DIY Ghost Confetti Poppers for Halloween
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DIY Ghost Confetti Poppers


Along with one of my orders, the folks over at Garnish were kind enough to send along a few of those mini push pops. They’re meant for edibles, but I’ve been dying to make confetti poppers with them for quite some time. Halloween gave me the perfect opportunity, using the idea of the Ghost covered tootsie pops (Who’s made those!?) as my jumping off point! Once you get your hands on some of these push-pops, I’m pretty sure you’ll have everything else you need right at home.

DIY Ghost Confetti Poppers

DIY Ghost Confetti Popper Supplies

Supply List:

Confetti (I made mine with paper and a hole punch)
Mini Push Pops (You can also make this with those party store confetti poppers, no additional confetti needed!)

To Make:

Fill your push pop with confetti.

How to Make Confetti Poppers

Cover with a tissue (or two!) and tie with your ribbon. Draw a ghost face with a sharpie.

DIY Ghost Confetti Poppers

And watch ’em pop!

These make a great option for those of you looking for a non-edible treat to share with your kiddo’s class on Halloween!

DIY Ghost Confetti Poppers for Halloween

All Photos by Studio DIY

By the way, those striped popcorn boxes are from the Target dollar spot! I stuffed foam inside and covered with spider webs to make the displays.

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*Push-pops provided by Garnish. All opinions are my own. Garnish is one of Studio DIY’s crafty sponsors. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, click here.


  • Angie

    Oh my goodness, I love it! So cute!! I’m a new follower (I heard about you from Hello Brielle). I’m loving your website! =)

  • Meryl

    why not fill these with bags of popcorn for a snack? I bought some popcorn servers if you will from Target which looked just like these. Am thinking I could paint them black/orange striped- thank you for the idea!!!

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