Fabric Paper Glue: In Costume
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Fabric Paper Glue: In Costume


I’m still slightly bitter that I didn’t know Mandy of Fabric Paper Glue when I actually lived in DC. I’m pretty sure we would’ve been great, crafty friends! But I’ve really enjoyed following her seriously awesome sewing projects ever since I discovered her corner of the blogosphere. She and her husband get pretty into Halloween and their lawn ornament costumes are just too good. I love when people still have fun with Halloween after they say goodby to school parties and parades!

Fabric Paper Glue: In Costume

“My favorite handmade costume were our couples lawn ornaments costumes – a flamingo for me and a garden gnome for my now-husband Michael. Michael and I don’t dress up for Halloween every year, but when we do, we try to do it right. This particular costume duo has definitely been our pinnacle. We try to come up with something clever for a couple’s costume — a witty pun or two of something fun or silly. This year, I had found a tutorial for a children’s garden gnome costume. That was all I needed to see. So I used felt, pillow stuffing, glue, elastic, and a pipe insulator to create the entirety of our two costumes — maybe thirty bucks total. We still have ’em if anyone’s looking to rent… :)”


Mandy lives in Washington, DC by way of Nashville, TN. By day, she is a recovering Congressional staffer and current Washington bureaucrat (and proud of it). At night and on the weekends, she runs Fabric Paper Glue where she shares how-tos for makin’ handsome crafts and delightful beverages (of the boozy variety). She also sprinkles in some fun stuff to inspire your creative sensibilities.

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