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‘Tis the Season!


I know what you’re thinking. This girl is NUTS! She starts talking about Halloween in September and now there are candy canes popping up before November rolls around. But hey, weren’t you glad this weekend when you had to pull out the last minute craft skills for Halloween and there were a ton of projects to help!? Exactly. Or perhaps this is one big excuse to talk about my favorite holiday of all time and how excited I am for the upcoming projects I have planned! Have a blog or crafty company and interested in joining the tinsel-filled party? Keep reading…


My list of holiday DIY projects, recipes, gifts and ideas is far longer than my list to Santa and I’m ready to get crackin’ on this here holiday season! Studio DIY has grown so much over the past few months and readers are itching to get their craft on. I’m looking for companies of all sorts to help make this a very handmade holiday. Crafters and Etsians, think your items would make the best holiday gift? How do gift guides and giveaways sound!? Craft suppliers, want to help customers make their own holiday cheer? Sponsor a project where I show them just how to do so, with your products! If you want to partner up with me this season as a sponsor, now is the time to get in touch! I’d love to work with you to make this truly the most wonderful time of the year, so email me at kelly{at}studiodiy{dot}com for more!


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