Best of 2012: Five Things
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Best of 2012: Five Things


I’ve had a blast putting together my Five Things posts this past year! While I love doing my own DIYs, it’s also super fun to check out and roundup what other talented ladies and gents are working on! Especially when there’s a theme. YAY for themes! This is certainly a series I’m excited to continue in 2013 and since a few of these made it into my top 10 most popular posts of all time, I don’t think you’ll complain!

Five Things to Make with a Circle Punch

Holy cow you guys. This is my most popular post of all time. I guess you guys like your circle punches!? I rounded up five awesome project ideas from others and you went nutso for them all! This scallop wall art is still one of my favorites I’ve seen, it would be so perfect for a nursery, no? Or in a larger version as a party backdrop!

DIY Scallop Wall Art

Scallop Wall Art via You Are My Fave. Find all five circle punch ideas here.

Five Ways to do Your Hair for a Party

Despite my serious lack of talent in the hair styling realm, I posted this round-up of pretty party hairstyle to attempt to up my game. I have somewhat mastered the sock bun and bow look, but the rest I cannot say I have gotten a handle on. Yet. Perhaps you have, seeing how popular this post was!? There’s always 2013!

DIY Sock Bun and Hair Bow

DIY Leather Hair Bow Tutorial via Calico Skies. Find all five hair ideas here.

Five Things to do with Balloons

You know I love balloons (and you’ll see it even more with the new Studio DIY look!) and I’m happy to say you lovely readers do too! The five unique balloon ideas I rounded up in this post are all ones I am certain I will try.

Balloon Save the Dates

Balloon Save the Dates via For Print Only. Find all five balloon ideas here.

Five Things to do with Marshmallows

Mmmm… guess marshmallows are in fact good for something besides s’mores! This roundup showed they were perfect for eating and decorating at your next event. These little faces still crack me up!

Marshmallow Faces

Marshmallow Faces via Color Me Katie. Find all five marshmallow ideas here.

Five Things to do with Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is over, I know, I know, but the popularity of this post shows that you love it all year long! Apparently turning Christmas bulbs into fun new projects is a serious pastime of all of us. This garland will forever be my favorite.

DIY Christmas Bulb Garland

Ornament Garland via Pretty Quirky. Find all five ornament ideas here.

Did you have a favorite five things!? How about an item you’d like to see as the star of one in 2013!?


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