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Hey ladies and gents! Now that Studio DIY is all pretty and new, I want to hear from you! Because what’s a sparkly new blog design without the content that you want to see!? I had a blast in 2012 getting my craft on for all sorts of events, holidays and parties and now I’d love to know just what you’d like to see on Studio DIY in 2013! So now I ask, would you be so wonderful to take this survey for me!? It will take but a minute or two of your time!

Studio DIY Survey 2013

Photo by Mary Costa Photography

I’m looking forward to hearing how you celebrated in 2012, how you hope to celebrate in 2013, and a little bit of the not-so-fun stuff too! But hey, if I could have made confetti rain from the sky when you hit that “Done!” button, I would. Use your imagination, or just come back here. There’s plenty of confetti to be had. A very special thanks in advance, I can’t wait for us to conquer the party scene in 2013! (Yay, rhymes!)


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