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10 Ways to Party Like It’s Alt Summit 2013


I’ve gotten my act together and have not one but two Alt Summit recaps for you today! Now, I’m not going to be sharing as much of what I learned from the workshops and panels because there’s a whole lot of people who have done that way better than I ever could. But what I can talk about is how to turn pretty much everything about Alt Summit into a way to get your party on at home, in your own life. Because let me tell you, when there’s 700 creative people in one room for four days, you’re going to get inspired. And when you’re me, that inspiration is going to come in party form. So I bring you, 10 Ways to Party Like It’s Alt Summit 2013.

1. Pick a theme. And run with it. Alt Summit kicked off, for many of us, with the Hello Social, organized by my awesome roomie Lexy of The Proper Pinwheel and Melissa of Lulu the Baker. These ladies picked their “Hello” theme and they stuck with it through and through. And themes make parties great, people. Hello signs, hello favors, hello everything. They rocked it out. Best party of the week, if you ask me!

Alt Summit Hello Social

Alt Summit Hello Social Smilebooth

Hello Sign by Say Hello (top), Brittni of papernstitch, Ashley of Sugar & Cloth and Me (Bottom)

2. Take your DIYs out for a spin. I was SO excited to finally meet the ladies of Whimseybox and they were pretty excited to see me rocking one of the DIYs I made for their blog, just about every day at Alt Summit. Guys, if you make something, wear it. Wear it often, and wear it to a party. DIY shouldn’t stop at the decor!

Alt Summit Studio DIY and Whimseybox

Alicia of Whimseybox and Me in the Sponsor Lounge (Photo from the Whimseybox Instagram)

3. Fringe Everything. Oh Brittni totally stole my heart with her Bing It To Life lounge decor. She fringed everything, and then I asked her to marry me. Ok, not really. But everyone loves fringe and it is such a budget friendly way to decorate enmass. That backdrop? Fringe fabric. That sign (I am obsessed with that sign! I should have stolen it.)? Fringe paper and tinsel. Pick up the scissors and get to work!

Bing Lounge Smilebooth Alt Summit

(From Left to Right) Melissa of Lulu the Baker, Me, Ashley and Lexy of The Proper Pinwheel in the Bing Lounge Smilebooth

4. Use cardboard. It’s cheap. And awesome. See those giant spots and dots? They are cardboard! Spray painted cardboard! Now we all know cardboard makes great piñatas, but it also makes great hanging decor when jazzed up with some paint. Do it, or I will!

Alt Summit Method Party Method Party Alt Summit

Decor at The Method Party

4. Always have a giant swan boat. I already had a love affair with the Land of Nod and then they went and bought a giant swan boat and put it in their lounge. I wanted to buy it off them for my deck, but I also wanted to have a home when I got back to LA so I didn’t. But really. Giant is the new mini, so think big. Go big. Get a swan.

Land of Nod Lounge Alt Summit

(From Left to Right) Ashley, Lexy, Me and Mandy of Fabric Paper Glue in the Swan at The Land of Nod Lounge (Photo from The Proper Pinwheel’s Instagram)

5. Put a bow on it. The swan and I have this one down. I wore a bow every day of Alt Summit. Not only because I love bows, but also because it was a way for people to remember me. The swan totally showed me up with a giant sequin bow (It’s actually their tree topper!) but we both think you need a bow, too. Bows for everybody!

Alt Summit Bows

The Swan and I, The Land of Nod Lounge

6. Don’t Sleep. This is Ashley. Crafting in our room at midnight. So not sleeping may not be my best advice (We all did come home sick, after all!) but sometimes staying up late and getting your craft on is when your best ideas come to life. Try it, even if it’s just once!

Alt Summit Late Night Crafting

Ashley crafting!

7. Party-fy Everything. I made a party hat, for my finger. My number one rule for a party is don’t forget the little details. This may be the smallest of details but sometimes those are the most fun! (p.s. if you’re wondering, I’m perfecting this DIY before I post. Be on the look out in the future!)

Alt Summit DIY Party Hat Ring

Party Hat Ring and Business Cards, DIY’d by Me

8. Show Your Appreciation for your guests. People often cut favors immediately when they’re on a budget, but this always makes me so sad. Appreciate your guests everyone, it’s important! This was a “Crush” wall at the Go Mighty party and everyone had to write a little love note to their blogger crush. All you needed was paper (ok and a few glitter stickers!) and you made someone’s day. That is what parties are for.

Alt Summit Valentines Day Party Go Mighty Red Envelope

Crush Wall at the Go Mighty Party

9. Always bring the balloons. Many balloons. The Go Mighty party was filled with balloons! If anyone knows me, they know this is a dream of mine. I just love balloons. And while the ones in this shot are helium filled, most were just hanging out on the floor. Surviving the helium shortage, one day at a time.

Alt Summit Valentines Day Party Go Mighty and Red Envelope

Balloons at the Go Mighty Party

10. When in doubt, just have a photo booth. You couldn’t go more than five feet at Alt Summit without running into a photo booth. Why? Because they know that people LOVE photo booths. Even people that hate having their picture taken will hop into a photo booth if it’s covered in polka dots and there are props. Now you can get all fancy and hire Smilebooth (They’re quite amazing!) or you can DIY up your own. Either way, it will be a hit.

Alt Summit Method Party Smilebooth

Alt Summit Smilebooth at Method Party

(From Left to Right) Me, Brittni, Lexy, Michelle Edgemont and Ashley in the Method party Smilebooth

So there you have it! A few party tips, taken right from a few awesome parties and events. What did you think!?

And now that you know just how to throw a party thanks to Alt Summit, I have to give a huge shout out to miss Cyd for naming this here blog one of the top DIY Up and Coming Blogs this year! I was over the moon when I saw my blog up on that panel and I can’t thank her enough! She also named a whole lot of other awesome bloggers, along with her other three panelists and you can check out all of them right here.

Alt Summit Up and Coming Blogs

Up and Coming Blogs via The Sweetest Occasion

And to be honest, the very best thing I got out of Alt Summit this year (And let me tell you how wildly different it was from last year!) was getting to meet a few of my fave ladies in real life, and to now consider them true, amazing friends. I’m looking at you, LexyAshley and Brittni. People, we chatted until 2am every night. We dreamed and schemed and we got real about numbers, jobs and money, which is something pretty much nobody does in the blog world. It was awesome. Every second of it. THAT is what Alt Summit is all about!


  • Brittni

    I had such a blast with you girls last week! I cannot wait until we are all in the same city again. Until then, I’ll have to settle for group texts at all hours of the day and night. 🙂 And thank you for the shout out Kelly. I can’t even tell you how happy I am that we were finally able to meet in person.

  • Kate

    All awesome advice Kelly….obviously I’ll now be harassing you for party invites, well, forEVER!

  • Lexy | The Proper Pinwheel

    I honestly love you. I feel like you guys are my sisters! We are all even sick together! Best time of my life. 🙂

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