Alt Summit 2013: From Card to Party


It’s kind of silly that we call what we give out at Alt Summit,”Business Cards.” They are more like business prizes, treats, party goods and craft supplies. But you know, “card” totally works too. I have oodles of wonderful cards and new blogs to check out and if I wrote about them all here, well I wouldn’t need any DIYs for the rest of the year! But that wouldn’t make you all happy, right!? So I selected a few of my faves and took the same angle as my first Alt post, showing you how I could see each and every one of these cards turned into a party favor or piece of celebration stationery. Heck, some already are party ready! Let’s do this!

Alt Summit Business Cards

Altitude Summit Business Cards

Business Cards from Alt Summit Business Cards from Alt Summit 2013

1. Lulu the Baker, Dip Dyed (Mini) Wooden Spoons. Whether you’ve seen it before or not, dip dyed utensils are fun. These mini versions would make perfect favors or place cards for a cooking themed bridal shower.
2. The Road to the Good Life, The Game of Life. I have seriously amazing memories of The Game of LIFE from when I was a kid, so Eden really won me with this one. Her card had game pieces from the game itself! What a great idea for favors for an engagement party or going away party, no?
3. Squirrelly Minds, Fancy Paper Clips. Ok, so there was a lot more to Tan’s card than the adorable squirel paper clip I’m obsessed with, but you know I love a good little detail. Take your party paper goods to the next level and hold ’em together with an appropriately themed paper clip! Find a ton here.
4. One Little Minute, Mini Mending Kit. If a card wins for “Most Awesome, Most Useful,” it is Miranda’s. A mini mending kit!? That’s cute!? GENIUS! Give these to your bridesmaids, they’ll thank you later! Or maybe you’ll thank yourself! To be frank, Miranda’s is my favorite of all. Seriously.

Altitude Design Summit Business Card Round Up Alt Summit Business Cards Round Up

5. Engaged and Inspired, Embroidery Hoops. There’s no paper in this business card at all! Hand stamped or printed fabric, slipped into embroidery hoops, a great idea for a craft night invitation or for signage at any sweet little event!
6. Lovely Indeed, Gold Foiled Leather Heart Clips. If, at a party, you give someone something they can wear, chances are they’re going to put it on right then and there. Case in point: these heart clips from Chelsea. Everyone was rocking them and man oh man are they cute! You’ll bet I’ll be wearing mine long past Valentine’s Day. Translation: a great favor is one that lasts.
7. Sugar & Cloth, Craft Kits. Give a girl some glitter and she’ll probably want to kiss you! Ashley gave out little kits of craft supplies and it was the perfect touch for sparking everyone’s creativity. Send your guests home with a mission to craft and then you can all chat about what they came up with, post-party!
8. Hank & Hunt, Party Pocket Animals. I don’t have to tell you how to turn Jenny’s card into a party. Jenny’s card is a party. Surprise surprise! You can, in fact, check out her tutorial on how to make these party animals right here, she simply mini sized them for Alt!
9. Darcy Miller, Custom Chocolate Bars. Other than being the Editorial Director for Martha Stewart Weddings, an amazing illustrator and the ultimate party hosts, Darcy gives out edible business cards! And pretty ones at that! While favors that last are great (see #6 above), people like to eat their favors too.
10. The Ravenna Girls, Vintage Slides. Going off of the the motto their business was founded on, taking something old and transforming it into something new, these girls turned vintage slides into their business cards. If you’re family has a bunch of slides lying around and you aren’t sure what to do with them, pass them out to family at a reunion or anniversary party and enjoy reliving the memories.
11. Striped Cat Studio, Paper Dolls. Kate included mini paper dolls (well paper “cats”) in her business cards, with a few outfits to dress this little kitty up for Alt Summit! Wouldn’t any little girl go crazy over receiving a paper doll style invitation!? I may have to do an invitation DIY like that!
12. The Proper Pinwheel, Hand-Sewn Garlands. Oh yes, Lexy did sew over 900 feet of garland for her business cards! Then she put them in these amazing clear pillow boxes (not pictured) with a little confetti and her letterpress cards. This set-up is oh so perfect for unique place cards turned favors at really any party! Just theme your garland to the event and you’re good to go!

Studio DIY Alt Summit Business Cards

All Photos by Studio DIY

And there’s the final peek at my cards, that turn into honeycomb party decor! Of course, I already showed you how to turn my business card concept into a party invitation, but here’s the real deal! Well, one side at least! I’ve already heard about them making offices brighter, and even making an appearance at a pre-school show and tell. And let me tell you, that just makes my world complete!

Did you see any other cards at Alt that you think were party ready? Let me know! Send me a pic! I’m always looking for some par-tay inspiration!


  • Allison

    Thanks for including mine! Yep, handstamped! I’ve made menus, invitations and place cards with embroidery hoops too.

    Love your photos, so much better than mine 🙂 Super awesome meeting you and thanks again for the awesome business card. I have it right above my desk!

  • Tan

    I’m redoing my office area (because my inspiration wall is pathetic) and your honeycomb card is certainly going to be featured on it 😉
    It was so great meeting you at Alt with all your polka dots! (that right there made me like you instantly).
    Thanks for including my card in this lovely collection. I’ve got the link on today’s post for the paper clips. There’s tons of other animals and I kinda wanna collect them all…

    • Kelly

      Ah! That’s the link I was looking for, thank you! =) So glad my card is making it into you office. Hooray!

      So glad we got to meet!


  • Cal

    These are all seriously amazing! I love seeing the business card roundups because there are so many cards I didn’t see. I can’t believe Lexy sewed 900 feet of garland!! I’m impressed.

  • Eden

    Thank you for including my card. And thank you for the awesome card you gave out, I have it up in my work area and will be showing it later this month when I show readers my office.

    One tip if you’re using vintage game pieces in favors — start early and negotiate with eBay sellers. (Most of the Etsy sellers were asking too much so that wasn’t a viable option.) I hit a time crunch so wasn’t able to get all of my pieces for a reasonable price. Some sellers were asking $8 for 2 or 4 cars (I didn’t pay that amount).

    I’m so glad we got to meet and hang out, and can’t wait until our paths cross again in person.

  • amy c

    Great to meet you in person Kelly! And your cards are amazing. So perfectly you. 🙂

  • sam

    Hey, I really like your website! I linked this post to my blog here:

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