Happy Weekend!


Well guys, this week has been a real doozy! I managed to pick up the flu somewhere between Alt Summit and Los Angeles and it sure did knock me out for a few days! Because of it everything is a bit delayed but don’t you worry, next week is all about Valentine’s Day and I’m going to be throwing DIYs at you left and right! Just how holidays should be ’round here! Here’s to a happy and healthy weekend for all of us! See you on the flip side!

DIY Fringe Heart Kite

DIY Fringe Heart Kite via My Poppet

{Inspire} Links to Love

Lovin’ Lexy’s Alt biz card round up!
Anyone planning a mini-moon?
Hehe, these candles make me giggle!
Now there’s a good dad.
And great gifts for brand new parents!
An art-tastic birthday!
How to nurture an entrepreneurial spirit in your child.

{Create} DIY Projects & Recipes

I literally screamed when I saw this project. A fringe. heart. KITE!
Plastic eggs turned footballs!
XOXO crispy treats!
This is definitely a chandelier that needs to be in my world.
I’ve actually never had a PB+Fluff sandwich, but I may just have this.
Brittni inspired me, expect some plaster ’round these parts soon!
Cardboard airplanes for everybody!
Wear you heart on your tree.
And on your straw too.

{Celebrate} Studio DIY Elsewhere

BuzzFeed shared my string lights in their fun round-up! Remember LEDs only!
A huge thanks to Ez for the business card shout out!
Thanks HGTV for sharing my Rate the Commercial signs!

Don’t forget to get your Super Bowl gear ready too! Free printable Bingo and Commercial Rating Signs, Glitter Foam Fingers and even pom pom toppers!

Find out what crafty things are happening in your area this weekend right here!


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