DIY Giant Gilded Love Bugs
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DIY Giant Love Bugs


I’m gradually getting over my fear of spiders. And by gradually, I mean as long as they are plastic and gold, I am totally cool with them. I was shopping my favorite source the other day, The 99 Cent Store, and spotted these ginormous plastic bugs in the kids section. I had to have them. And since Valentine’s Day is on the brain, I turned them into giant love bugs! I think these would make hilarious gifts for your better half or your kiddos on February 14th, they are just so darn fun!

DIY Giant Love Bugs  DIY Giant Love Bug Supplies

Giant Plastic Bugs (I found these at the 99 Cent Store. You could also use small bugs which are much more readily available!)
Spray Paint (Gold, if you’re asking for my opinion!)
Craft Paint
Glitter + Mod Podge(Optional, but strongly encouraged)
Paint Brushes

Spray paint your bugs gold and let dry according to the directions on the can.

DIY Giant Gilded Bugs

Using your craft paint, paint a small heart somewhere on the bug. I free handed mine but I imagine you could use a stencil if you want. Let dry.

DIY Gilded Bugs DIY Love Bugs

DIY Valentines Days Love Bugs

And if you want to get a little fancier, add a bit of glitter! Cover your painted heart in mod modge and sprinkle with glitter. Shake off excess and let dry.

DIY Gilded Bugs for Valentines Day Valentines Day Love Bugs DIY Giant Love Bugs for Valentines Day

You can leave these around the house and totally freak your loved ones out, or you can gift them like a normal person gifting a giant gold bug. I vote for the scare tactic, as long as I’m not the scare-ee!

Love Bugs for Valentines Day

If you aren’t a fan of the painted heart, you can pop a foam heart sticker on instead. That way, it can be removed and you can have just some awesome gilded bugs!

DIY Gilded Love Bugs

DIY Giant Love Bug

All Photos by Studio DIY

Whoever thought I’d be buying bugs and painting hearts on their butts, huh? Just a day in the life!

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