Happy Weekend!


So who wants to tell me what they did for Valentine’s Day!? If you made any DIYs from this here blog, I would love to see them! Shoot me an email, hello{at}studiodiy{dot}com with a picture! For me, this week has been full of ups and downs but more-so it has been a pinch me kind of week. Studio DIY is only just over a year old and I just can’t get over the growth and life you all have given to my little project! I am just so lucky, and so grateful, to be doing what I love every day. Even if it leaves me sleepless, and my dog covered in glitter, every once in awhile. Phew! So now that I’ve gotten all sappy on you, I send you off into a post Valentine’s Day, three day weekend where I hope you can continue to spread the love!

Unfrosted Cake

Cake by A Piece O’ Cake, Photo by Kelly Braman Photography via At Home in Love

{Inspire} Links to Love

Social media do’s and don’ts from the pros.
25 cakes you want to party with.
What do you love about your better half?
Five life lessons.
I can’t even handle how gorgeous this is. Hello, my future wedding cake.
Hearts in the park!

{Create} DIY Projects & Recipes

Printable foam finger cake toppers!
Look at this cardboard awesomeness!
Breakfast in bed is better when it’s served like this.
Don’t forget to craft for President’s Day!
I think this knotted rope garland would be awesome for a kid’s room.
A preview of my future child’s go-to hairstyle (the first one).
Confetti is better when it’s edible. Always.

{Celebrate} Studio DIY Elsewhere

Overwhelmed with DailyBuzz love this week! Check out their Valentine food, style and mom round-ups!
I vote Valentine’s Day never ends. 11 easy DIYs (with my balloon heart!) to keep the love going.
Better Homes & Gardens started a new column, Best of the Blogs and included me in the first! Wowza!!
The ladies at Icing Designs did a few Valentine’s Day interviews. Here’s mine, and I love that every single one of us love peonies!

Find out what crafty things are happening in your area this weekend right here!


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