DIY Wedding Series with POPSUGAR Girl's Guide

A DIY Wedding Series with POPSUGAR Girl’s Guide!


To say it’s been a week of ups and downs so far would be putting it lightly, but I think it is my job to bring a little bit of happiness so I’m going to continue focusing on the “ups” here. With that said, I am beyond, beyond excited to announce an amazing new partnership between myself and POPSUGAR! I’m sure most of you are familiar with POPSUGAR, but did you know they recently launched a new Youtube channel, POPSUGAR Girls’ Guide!? Well, it’s all about getting you through your 20s with tips, ideas and DIY projects… and that’s where I come in! POPSUGAR approached me about getting my wedding DIY on for them and asked me to share some fun and easy projects for your big day! Of course I said yes! This is my very first venture into video and it was an amazing learning experience. Today, I get to share the first of several video DIYs that will be rolling out each month as a part of the DIY Wedding series on their channel. Of course, one of the projects had to involve honeycombs (duh!), so let’s all learn how to make some honeycomb ceremony fans!

Be sure to subscribe to POPSGUAR Girls’ Guide so you can check out all their fun videos! They’ve got fashion DIYs, beauty and party tips and more. That makes for a pretty fun corner of the Internet, I’d say.

p.s. I have another honeycomb project coming at you tomorrow! It’s a honeycomb love fest over here! Wahoo!


  • icing designs

    KELLY!!! this is awesome!!! Congratulations we are so excited for you!!!! You did such an amazing job in your video!!! YAY!!!

    • Kelly

      Thank you!!! Always honored to have the support of the icing designs ladies!! =)


  • Brittni

    Yay! I loved these ceremony fans. Such a smart idea. I should have known one of your wedding DIYs would include honeycomb paper. Looking forward to the rest of the videos.

  • Shelly Hardage-Wilkerson

    What a great and fun project! I wonder how awesome the sound would be with everyone of the guests using them all at once at a wedding?

    • Kelly

      Ha, that’s a good point Shelly! Who needs ceremony music when you have honeycomb fans!? 😉


  • LARY@ Inspiration Nook

    Such a cute idea! You are natural on camera too 🙂

  • Amanda

    this is so awesome! so excited for you. i pressed play on the video not knowing what it was and was delightfully surprised to see your face! so cool. definitely will be subscribing to this! i have a lot of DIY projects for my wedding so this comes at the perfect time!

    • Kelly

      Thanks Amanda! I can’t WAIT to see your wedding DIYs. And really just your entire wedding!


  • Ellen Mattesi

    Beautiful video. And I don’t mean to get technical, but I love how you are lit. Fresh Fresh Fresh!

    • Kelly

      Thanks Ellen! They did a great job with the lighting in the studio. Thank goodness, because I’m naturally pale and could have looked like quite a ghost! 😉


  • Tiffanie

    You did beautifully, Kelly! You look amazing and your presentation was spot on. The project was really clever, too! Congrats on the great gig!

    • Kelly

      Thanks so much Tiffanie!! It’s still a little weird to hear myself talking on there! =)

  • Callie

    This is so awesome!!!! I loved the video! Congrats!

  • Jennifer

    Congrats Kelly! I have been loving your blog and this video series is so amaze! LOVE the honeycomb fans! Cannot wait to see what you do next!

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