DIY Papel Picado Streamers


Cinco de Mayo!! My goodness, I L-O-V-E this holiday! It’s so darn festive and awesome, and the food is de-licious. So I’m kicking off a few Cinco de Mayo DIYs today with this one… papel picado streamers!! I love papel picado, those fancy little paper flags, but it does look like quite a lot of work to make, doesn’t it? Ah, not any longer! If you can fold streamers and use scissors, you can make a mini-sized version in no time! My theme for Cinco de Mayo is always easy peasy (remember last year’s tissue box piñatas!?).

DIY Papel Picado Streamers

  DIY Papel Picado Streamer Tutorial



You want to cut your streamers into smaller lengths, a few feet long each. (Later you can attach them to make a longer garland if you want!) Fold each in half and in half again and again until you have a small section, two or three inches wide.

DIY Streamers

Cut a small rectangle out of each folded side, leaving them attached at the top.

Papel Picado DIY Cinco de Mayo Streamers

Now it’s time to make your patterns! For this one, I simply used a hole punch. Hold your streamers securely together and punch away. Stay away from the edges. Since the streamers are folded over multiple times, the pieces on the inside are a bit smaller then the outer ones and you don’t want to cut through the edges.

Cinco de Mayo Streamer DIY Cinco de Mayo DIY Papel Picado

For some, I folded my streamers in half again before cutting. Then I cut my rectangle shape out of just one side, and a traingle out of the other, which became the middle when unfolded.

Papel Picado DIY Tutorial Mini Papel Picado DIY

I kept my patterns pretty simple, but get as fancy as you please! The shorter your length of streamers, the easier it is to cut through and the more consistent your patterns will be. I actually like that the sizes varied a bit, but if you aren’t a fan, just work with smaller streamer sections.

Papel Picado Streamers for Cinco de Mayo

It’s so fun to unfold them! Like paper dolls. (Yep, I’m five!)

DIY Papel Picado Streamers for Cinco de Mayo

To hang mine, I cut off the last flag on each side leaving a long piece for hanging. Then I just used some tape!

Papel Picado Streamer DIY

My donkey friend likes them too…

How To Make Papel Picado Streamers

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If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that Mr. Donkey is getting a big ol’ makeover. You’ll get to see that later in the week! This is the “before” stage.

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