Happy Weekend: DIY Projects, Links + Local Events
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Happy Weekend!


Phew! July! What are you doing to me over here!? I’m beginning to learn that even though I’m always saying “next month will be less crazy,” next month never really seems to get here! This entrepreneurial blog life means that life is just always crazy, in the very best of ways of course! Last week was Kellyn’s party, this weekend is a work event for Jeff’s company that I’ll be helping with and next weekend is our West Elm event. After that I’m squeezing in a few more summer projects and then BAM, we’re off to the East Coast for a wedding. Then it will be September and then the holiday season is upon us, my friends. I just can’t get over how fast time flies in my life now. What do you guys think? Has the universe suddenly sped up the clock on us!? Whatever universe, I’m ready to take you ON. Starting now. Happy Weekend, folks!

Donut Stack

Outtake from my latest shoot with Mary Costa Photography for The Confetti Bar! I just love that my job requires I buy many, many donuts.

{Inspire} Links to Love

Since I’m on a gem kick, kind of loving these cards.
I may or may not be buying this shirt as we speak. I mean, it has pineapples on it.
The scene of my balloon dreams.
I just love how this food post is styled.
This botanical wedding is unreal.
In case you don’t want to make your own crown, here’s some pretty darn cute ones.
If you guys are DIY bloggers too (or want to be!) you better sign up for this class!
Loving on these food collections. Food photography rocks.
Win a year’s worth of Sucre Shop’s cute utensils!

{Create} DIY Projects & Recipes

And if I had a baby, he or she would have to wear this hat while I wore that shirt above.
I think this DIY bikini is super fun!
As are these flashy bracelets!
A croissant loaf. Is this real!?
Strawberry treat boxes!

{Celebrate} Studio DIY Elsewhere

I shared some botanical stationery inspiration on OSBP!
Because you should make my fresh flower bows in honor of the royal baby, too.

Find out what crafty things are happening in your area this weekend right here!


Faves From Our Shop!

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