DIY Gilded Drink Stirrers
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DIY Gilded Novelty Eraser Drink Stirrers


What a treat for you guys! Ally of Now That’s Pretty is back with another awesomely awesome DIY! And since you’ve been loving on the drink stirrers I’ve been dreaming up lately, I know you’re going to love these too. I mean, they’re gilded, folks. Doesn’t get better than that! Take it away Ally!

To me, Summer drawing to a close means one thing; the shops get flooded with seriously adorable stationery! I have always been drawn to stationery; it totally softened the blow of September when I was a little kid heading back to school and now it (sometimes) manages to inspire me to work at home. A while ago I was doing a sweep of my local stationery store and I noticed that there are some seriously cool erasers around. I wanted to make some party supplies using them and I found that generally they are the perfect size for drinks stirrers. I made a selection but imagine how perfect these would be for a themed party- I can just see a tonne of little gold unicorns for a posh girl’s night!

DIY Gilded Novelty Eraser Drink Stirrer

Drink Stirrers
Novelty Erasers (*Editor’s Note: You can find lots of cute ones by searching “novelty erasers” on Amazon!)
Strong Glue
Gold Paint
Small Paint Brush
X-Acto Knife

First you need to cut yourself a little hole in the base of your eraser. Hold your stirrer up to your eraser and draw around it roughly with your pen to gauge the size the hole needs to be. Then take your x-acto knife and trace the circle before using the knife to carve out the centre.

Novelty Eraser Drink Stirrers

Now place your eraser over the stirrer to check that it fits. When you’re sure it’s nice and snug, put a blob of glue in the hole and push your stirrer back inside, holding it in place to ensure it stays straight.

How To Make Novelty Eraser Drink Stirrers

Leave to dry. If you’re using a glue gun (as I did; I’m very impatient!) now’s the time to trim away the excess glue using your x-acto knife.

Drink Stirrer DIY

Now take your gold paint and paint those adorable things! If you want you can use a white undercoat but I found that two coats of gold was more than sufficient. Now let all your paint dry and you’re done!

Novelty Eraser Drink Stirrer DIY

Now doesn’t any drink taste all the better with a gold unicorn sticking out of it?

DIY Novelty Eraser Drink Stirrers

DIY Novelty Eraser Drink Stirrer1

DIY Novelty Eraser Drink Stirrer

All Photos by Now That’s Pretty for Studio DIY

Goodness, could those stirrers be any more awesome!? I am particularly fond of that ice cream cone. Thanks so much Ally! Be sure to check out all of Ally’s awesomeness right here on Now That’s Pretty!

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