A Product Line from Studio DIY + Pencil Shavings Studio
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A Product Line from Studio DIY + Pencil Shavings Studio!!


I love when I can finally reveal secrets!! A few months back I posted a photo of my phone case and a few of you started asking if you could get one too. It got me thinking. So I reached out to the most perfect person I could think of for partnering with Studio DIY, Rachel of Pencil Shavings Studio, to see if she wanted to make some Studio DIY-inspired products happen. Her colorful and bold style is just BEYOND wonderful. And BAM! She loved the idea too! So today, I am over the moon excited to tell you that Rachel and I have launched a partnership collection of phone cases, platters and notebooks!!!! EEEEE!!! There’s confetti, balloons, bows, donuts and a pineapple. All the Studio DIY essentials that you guys go bananas over too! Just in time for holiday shopping, folks! Head on over to her shop to see the collection, we’ll be adding a few more items over the coming weeks! In the meantime, Rachel is offering free shipping through December 7th with code “HOHOHO”!

Donut iPhone Case - Studio DIY + Pencil Shavings Studio

Donut Platter / Donut Phone Case / Donut Notepad

That donut tray up there? I am OBSESSED! I want to give it to everyone I know.

Balloon Notepad - Studio DIY + Pencil Shavings Studio

Balloon Notepad

Pineapple iPhone Case - Studio DIY + Pencil Shavings Studio

Pineapple Phone Case

Party Ready iPhone Cases!

Confetti Platter / Bow Phone Case / Funday Phone Case / Confetti Photo Case

Bow iPhone Case - Studio DIY + Pencil Shavings Studio

Bow Phone Case

I might be biased, ok I’m totally biased, but if these don’t make great Christmas gifts… I don’t know what does! Remember, check out all the goodness right here!!


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