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A Studio for Studio DIY!


Big news!! Yesterday I took the plunge, and signed a lease for a real live studio space for Studio DIY! WHAT!? I can hardly believe I’m writing that, but it’s true. I’m equal parts terrified and jumping-up-and-down excited. It’s a pretty big jump to go from your living room, to 900 square feet of space! There’s some construction to be done, but I’ll be moving in to my new digs on February 1st! In the meantime, a few “before” shots… and a little bit about how this came about.

A Studio for Studio DIY

My number one goal coming into the new year was finding a separate space for Studio DIY. Truth be told, living in our apartment has been quite miserable for most of 2013. It is covered, all day every day, in craft supplies, unfinished projects, finished projects I won’t throw away and (oh yeah!) confetti. When you live in a small loft-style apartment where you have one room of living space, and it’s become more of a studio than a home.. it’s a problem. It wasn’t fair to Jeff, and it was putting a lot of stress on me, knowing that I had pretty much destroyed any sense of “home” in our home.

A Studio for Studio DIY

So we started looking for bigger apartments. Something that had a second bedroom with great light, that I could use as my own space. Easier said than done, folks. As we looked around, I started to realize that with the larger scale projects I’m being asked to do nowadays, a bedroom wasn’t going to cut it. So I started not very seriously looking at studio spaces. I knew downtown LA had great, raw spaces with awesome light, so I toured a few spaces, but didn’t love the area within downtown they were in (there’s some great parts of DTLA, and there’s some not-so-great parts). I bookmarked one building to check out, and then the insanity of December happened and it was no longer top of mind.

A Studio for Studio DIY

Shortly after the New Year, I decided it was time to pick up the search again, and finally checked out the building I had bookmarked a few months back. And BAM! It. Was. Perfect. I knew I had to grab a space like this while I had the chance, so after a few days of thinking long and hard about it (and a quick run back for a second in-person viewing to get Mary’s opinion on the light!) … I decided to make the jump. WOW! The building is slowly being converted into creative office spaces, and is in a much better area than the previous spaces I’d seen. It’s just a few blocks from the new Ace Hotel (Have you been? GO!) and nearby some great restaurants too. (If I can walk to Bottega Louie, I’m a happy girl.)

A Studio for Studio DIY

Now I’ve got myself about 900 square feet, in a corner unit, with white walls, concrete floors and, most importantly, lots of windows! They’ll be doing some construction on the space, like knocking down that divider wall, building out another wall to cover some electrical equipment and polishing up the floors. Speaking of which! I’m not sure of my exact options with these floors yet, but if I have options…Β What do you guys think? Keep the neutral gray/taupe-ish concrete and polish them up, or go crazy and paint them white? And if you vote white… anyone have experience keeping them CLEAN!? Or is that just impossible? I can’t decide!

Once the construction is done it is time to DECORATE! Of course, in my space (read: living room) right now I only have a desk and some (not so pretty) shelving that is overflowing with supplies, so this is going to take a lot of work! But I’m SO excited to jazz it up a bit…. though a little lost for where to put things because I really just want every corner of this space available for photo shoots! Ha!

A Studio for Studio DIY

I’m feeling all sorts of emotions right now! I want to run around throwing confetti everywhere, and I want to curl up in a ball and hope I made the right choice. All I know is my working situation in 2013 was not working, and I needed to make a change. This felt right, so I closed my eyes, crossed my fingers and made it happen. Am I the biggest blogger on the block, with a whole team behind me? Nope. Am I feeling totally pumped to now be responsible for two rents? No way. But as this little business of mine grows, I know I need to invest in it and this investment is one I think will benefit myself, my relationship, this blog and you readers, too!

So what do I really need this space for? I’m hoping to use it for photo shoots, especially larger scale ones, for Studio DIY, and I’m dying to bring in some awesomely talented people to teach workshops! I may host some workshops myself too, of course, but I’m really excited about the chance to work with other creatives and help them share their skills with you guys! That will be a few months down the road, but I’d love your input. What would you guys like to learn? What workshops would you be dying to take? Calligraphy? Floral Design? PiΓ±ata making? Donut crafting? (Or just donut tasting?) hehe. Let me know, and it just might happen!

I’ll be posting some updates about the studio here and on Instagram, so be sure to follow along there if you don’t already. Now, please excuse me while I go take a deep breath, eat a donut, and start bustin’ my butt to make this space awesome!


  • Joy

    This is so exciting! I was hoping this is what your big news would be. Congratulations, Kelly!!! I was looking into studio spaces a few months back, too, but none of them had great light. This space looks AMAZING for light — and it’s huge! So, so exciting. Can’t wait to see what you do to make it your own.

  • Mandy Pellegrin

    Wow. How freaking exciting for you! It looks like such an incredible space, and I know all of us can’t wait to see what kind of amazingness comes out of it!!

  • Brenda's Wedding Blog

    Oh my Kelly!!!! How exciting! The light and space in this studio is amazing. Cannot wait to follow along as you make it your own πŸ˜‰ Congratulations!!!!!

  • megan @ the domesticated wolf

    amazing news!! can’t wait to see what’s in store!!

  • Sherri Calosso

    Hi Kelly, I’ve been following your blog for a little while and I always love what you do. Thank you for sharing. This space looks perfect for you! I’m with ya on the needing more space, my place is one giant craft space. I look forward to seeing your transformation! I too have been debating on finding a new living space that can accommodate my ever growing creative work. You’ve given me inspiration and this post couldn’t have come at a better time, thank you!

  • Kelly

    This is so exciting, I can not wait to see what it looks like!

  • Dana

    So exciting!! I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

  • Anna

    Goodness gracious am I jealous. I need my own studio space for ceramics. Serious congratulations!

  • Annie @ The Littlest Sparrow

    This is soooo exciting! I’m really stoked to see how you will decorate and furnish the place!

  • Anna @ IHOD

    Oh I am so thrilled for you!! I know Studio DIY will only continue to grow and expand into many grand things. Wish we weren’t on opposite sides of the U.S.! xo

  • Jessica {Storyboard Wedding}

    Congrats on the new space, it looks positively amazing and filled with promise!! The light is pretty darn phenomenal too! I am sure this is going to be just the step you need to really get rolling!

  • lyndsay // coco cake land

    kelllyyyyyy that is so EXCITING! i would keep those floors grey and polished – beautiful contrast! and keeping white floors clean would be hellish, i bet. plus if you needed to do an all white shoot you could get one of those pull down white background paper thingies – maybe even jeff has one or two or three already…!

    also, that feeling of not being sure if you should throw confetti or curl into a ball – that’s the feeling of taking a big risk – and it’s natural to feel freaked! but gosh darn it, this is SO AWESOME! to be able to separate your living space from your work space is a dream. workshops and classes will be an awesome way to supplement the lease payments, and you could host a pop-up donut shop, too! πŸ˜‰

    CONGRATULATIONS! can’t wait to see all the fun times ahead! xoxo

  • Gloria

    I’m picturing donut decorations everywhere πŸ™‚ Congrats on this amazing milestone, Kelly!

  • Miss Bobbin

    This is amazing news! Congratulations πŸ™‚ Wishing you all the luck in the world xx

  • Brittni

    I am so, so happy for you Kel! The space is even better than I imagined and I cannot wait to see what kind of projects you’re able to dream up with this giant studio. 900 square feet? Dang! That’s awesome. I love the windows (of course), but I also like the floor as is. I think that painting them white would make the space even more beautiful, BUT I can’t imagine trying to keep it clean. Either way, I can’t wait to see this place in person….as if I needed another reason to come and visit. πŸ™‚

  • Kathleen

    Congrats Kelly, such awesome news! What a beautiful space!! Is it weird that I feel energized just looking at it? I’m loving the floors the way they are but I can also see the appeal of painting them white. I know that whatever you do will be perfect and I can’t wait to hear all about it! πŸ™‚

  • brittanyMakes

    look at you go! so crazy excited for you, this space looks amazing and perfect for everything you need it to be. I love the floors the way they are, but i can also see them painted too! tough decision you got there πŸ˜›

  • Sarah

    Yay! What an amazing step! So happy for you and can’t wait to see it in person!

  • Lindy

    Congratulations! It looks amazing! I have no experience with floors but I’d keep the grey and polish it up nice and pretty. Maybe not too glossy though. It’ll be a nice contrast to all the white. I wish I lived near you even a little bit. I’d love to come and do workshops there! Congrats again!

  • Leslie G


    this is big news!

    im absolutely excited that its in LA and that you will eventually be hosting some classes.
    a lot of the blogs i read are all out of state so it sucks when they host something and it cant be attended because of location.
    but i guess it was meant to be because you are the most fun DIY person out there and i’d def would want to go to one on your classes!!!!

    here’s a long shot but its worth a try!
    if you ned any help, (i dont know an assistant or something!) while im sure you already have help, id love to volunteer.
    i live close to downtown la and weekends are free so id love to help out in any way possible!
    this would be an AMAZING opportunity!
    (and also, id love to be a part of the renovating process!)

    its a long shot but hey!
    if anything, i just want to say congrats!!!!

    you deserve this!
    here’s to 2014 being your year!!!
    xoxo- les

  • Gucki

    This is amazing!!! I’m so exciting for you and your studio space!!!
    Awesome!!! Have you seen the OhJoy new studio? Full of ideas!
    I love the concrete floor, neutral and easy to clean! Total white maybe could be too much bright? I think that white floor have to be much more hard to keep it clean but maybe it depends also from how many people walk on it!
    I love the idea of workshops!!! I live in Italy but at the and of July I will be in LA and it would be amazing take part to one of them!!!
    Super congratulations!!! Big news, big jump! I love it!!!
    Keep us update!

  • Vanessa: thequeenofswag

    That is amazing and I would love to take any class you teach and maybe hopefully help in any way I can. It’s my dream to have my own space on day too! You’re an inspiration!

  • Aileen@AtHomeInLove

    So exciting, Kelly! Congratulations on taking this leap!!! Your new studio space looks beautiful: full of light, and a great blank slate. I’d keep the floor concrete–I think it looks lovely. Can’t wait to see what amazing projects you create here!

  • Marielle

    Aaah so exciting! I love your new space! I would love an own studio one day too πŸ™‚ As for the workshops, I have always wanted to do a glass-blowing workshop (but I guess you need all kinds of tools for that). Some drawing/painting workshops would also be awesome.. like oil paint technique.. or quick human figure drawing. If I were to give a workshop it would probably be on random acts of kindness in combination with street art. Too bad I live in The Netherlands though.. Good luck with decorating the space, and have fun!

  • Erin

    Oh how exciting!! Congratulations πŸ™‚

    Erin // beingerin.com

  • Claireabellemakes

    What an exciting step! I so wish I lived in the US so I could come and take a workshop. As a blogger myself, I would love it if there were styling workshops available here – you make it look so easy.

    All the best in your new creative home Kelly!

  • Diana

    Congrats! You deserve it!


  • Terrie

    Congratulations, Kelly! This is so exciting =) I can’t wait to see how you decorate it!

    Hosting workshops sounds like a great idea! I would love to learn how to photograph DIY items better. And, of course, any kind of DIY workshop would be awesome!

  • Audrey - This Little Street

    Kelly – Congrats, so freaking excited for you!!!!!!! gaaaaaaaaaaaah I won’t lie, even a bit jealous πŸ˜€ The light is SO gorgeous it’s perfect! I can already imagine how you’re going to jazz it up…..ooooooooh it’s going to be SO GOOD! Congrats again! πŸ˜€

  • Carmen

    Congratulations, Kelly! Great rewards come out of great risks, cheers to your lovely new space!

  • Pearl

    Congrats on the blog!

    I absolutely cannot wait for the workshops! Sign me up pronto πŸ™‚

  • Bethany

    This is so exciting!!! I can’t wait to see what you do with the space!!!

  • Jamie

    Woop! To think that everything you’ve created thus far has come out of your apartment… I cant wait to see what brilliant things you will do in a real studio. Congrats pretty lady.

  • Lou

    Awesome space. You totally don’t need to curl up in a ball; that light. Oh!

    Not sure if anyone else has said it, but put everything on castors (lockable ones so you don’t get accidental runaways!). That way, if a corner of the space has better light in the afternoon, you can move out the bookshelf/table/drawer unit and shoot there. Plus, it means you can move things to hang backdrops for larger projects and make space for workshops. πŸ™‚

    • Kelly

      That’s exactly what I’m planning on doing, because my biggest concern is being able to shoot anywhere and everywhere in the space!

  • Lexy | The Proper Pinwheel

    Okay. So me and Vita would like to come in. Have a workshop. Have a donut. The whole nine yards! This is so beautiful, Kel. I am so so SOOOOO happy for you! πŸ™‚ I love all the light. I mean, that is just a blogger’s dream space right there! I think you should keep the floors as they are! The concrete is so fresh and clean in a way. I think you’ll love it more over time than you would the white! :)xoxoxoxoxo

  • Lorina Daiana

    Aw this is so exciting and inspiring! Some days I catch myself dreaming of a studio space where I can meet with a team of creatives, do photoshoots, work, etc. ah the dream…. Is it doable? What are the price ranges that you’ve seem while looking for a studio in la? Is there a certain retail website that has stuios like this? I have not been able to find anything.

  • hole.io 2

    i have same hose

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