The Brand Market Workshop Los Angeles
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Announcing: The Brand Market Workshop – Los Angeles!


Holy cannoli guys! It’s another exciting day!!! I’m currently gearing up for my first ever speaking gig tomorrow, but I’ve got some news on my next one to share today! A few months back, the sweetest of sweet Anna of In Honor of Design reached out to me about her newest venture, The Brand Market Workshop. It’s a one day workshop designed to enable creative entrepreneurs to help their business stand out among everyone else. She wanted to do one in LA, and she asked me to be a co-host! Well, not only did I say yes but, I even offered up Studio DIY HQ for the shindig!

The Brand Market Workshop Los Angeles

OH yes, that means on June 14th, Anna, myself and Caitlin Crosby and Brit Moore of The Giving Keys will be sharing our own stories, tips and resources for chasing those big entrepreneurial dreams! We’ll focus on branding, marketing and telling your story through visuals and you’ll also get a little one-on-one pow wow session about your biz! Sound awesome!? You can register right here! So if you’re in the LA area or willing to travel here, I sure hope you can join us and party at my new studio! Lots of fun surprises in store, ladies and gents!


  • Jaimee

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to attend this- but the price is so steep, especially after you add in travel and hotel! I am sure all the information will be invaluable but for a small blog just starting out- not going to happen! I wish there was something in the Bay Area that didn’t cost a small fortune and was still as useful!

  • Claireabellemakes

    Hope it goes well Kelly!

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