Letter Churros!


Letter Churros

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget the words up there! Decided to try somethin’ new and kick my posts off with a photo! ‘Cause why not!? Moving on…

Wouldn’t learning the alphabet have been so much more enjoyable if it was spelled out in churros? Yep. I’ve turned pop tarts into letters and marshmallows into numbers and in honor of Cinco de Mayo, churros were on my mind this time! This baked version worked perfectly for these fun edible messages, and you could whip up a whole batch to let everyone spell to their liking at your Cinco party! Then let ’em dip those letters in chocolate and sprinkles. Because, as we all know, sprinkles make life better. (Just like confetti.)

Letter Churros

I used Sprinkle Bakes’ Baked Churro recipe for these guys. I followed her recipe exactly, except I piped mine into letter shapes! I got about a dozen 4″ tall letters out of one batch. You can find the pastry tip for making those perfect ridges right here (I actually bought mine locally at Sur La Table in a 12-piece set of tips, so I had ’em all!).

Churro Letters Churro Alphabet

Then I just melted down some chocolate for dipping. BAM! Letter churros con chocolate.

Letter Churros
Churro Messages

All Photos by Studio DIY

Sooo.. what would you spell in churros!? Wouldn’t it make a fun “Happy Birthday” message too!?

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