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Studio DIY Headquarters: An Update!


Studio DIY Headquarters

Remember that time I announced I had leased a studio space and then I virtually stopped talking about it here!? Well, it turns out… furnishing a nearly 900 sq. ft space is tougher than one (ehm, I) might think! I’ve had the space for a few months now and it still largely looks the same other than the addition of WHITE floors! YAY! But everything is finally coming together this month and I’m starting to get REALLY excited about it! So, I thought I’d do a little (dance) update on some pieces I have my eye on… and some dream pieces too. Because, ya know, this girl likes to dream!

Studio DIY Work Space

Custom Sofa from Viesso (Color manipulated by moi! Stay tuned!), Collapsible Craft Table from Martha Stewart Living Craft Space, Chair from Viesso, Desk Facade designed by Dear Hancock

The studio will serve two main purposes.. a work/photography space and an event space. The work space needs to be functional, but easy to change and move around, so the work tables will be collapsible and on casters. Of course, we’ll need to balance out the work with some donut snacking on a…. wait for it… pink couch!!!! On the other side, the event space needs to fit a typical workshop size which is about 10-20 people… so I’m hoping to get my paint on to make some stackable chairs the colors of my dreams! Oh, and that hot pink gem speaker is necessary for spontaneous workshop dance parties… you’ve been warned.

Studio DIY Event Space

Gem Speaker from, Chairs from Ikea (Yellow here, white here, pink + mint manipulated by moi!), Table from West Elm

Overall, since I’ll be using the space for lots of shoots (and renting it out as well to others), I need the walls to remain white. Floors too, ha! Which is a joke seeing as the second anyone steps on white floors they are dirty! (Does anyone know if they make a swiffer style magic eraser!?) However, I’m contemplating a little gallery wall somewhere in the space where I can showcase some of the prints and cards I’ve collected, and contemplate if my dreams for some of the other pieces below will ever come true! It’s pretty fun designing your dream art wall when it doesn’t have to appease a boy’s taste too! 😉

Studio DIY Dream Art Wall

Top to Bottom:  Flamingo from Ashley Brooke Designs, Confetti from Garima Dhawan, Llama from Gray Malin, Yellow Balloon from Max Wanger Print Shop, Balloon Animal from Hartland Brooklyn, Abstract from Emily Rickard, Donut from Kali Ciesemier, Birthday Cake Truck from Dear Hancock, Excited About Everything from Hello Maypole, Swan via The Painted Blackbird, Fun Stuff from Castle, Summer Pattern from Jacqui Lee, Pineapple from Kim Fearheiley Photography

As you can see, the palette is gonna be a lot of white, with some heavy pops of Studio DIY’s brand colors… and gold. Duh. Don’t worry, there will be your fair share of all classic things Studio DIY, too, but I gotta save some of the fun stuff for the reveal! You’ve already seen the (still unnamed) flamingo in residence. And the giant pineapple, too. I’ve also got some major storage plans in the works, so I can finally turn my living-room-turned-craft-room back into a usable space. WOOT! Most intimidating to me now is filling in with other decor. Rugs are always my toughest choice, but I definitely need one under my couch and coffee table, right!? Suggestions!? I’m the worst rug shopper.

It’s been kind of fun to put on my interior design hat for a bit, even if most of the time I’m feeling a little lost pulling it all together! I had never thought about how Studio DIY would translate into an actual space, and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out! And if you want to be one of the first ones to see it, be sure to check out the Brand Market Workshop we’re hosting here in June! It’s gonna be awesome, and I’d love to meet some of you!!


  • Claireabellemakes

    So excited to see it all come together. Although I would totally make the workshoppers wear slippers so as to protect that amazing floor ha!

  • Kimberly

    Love this!!! Those stack-able chairs from IKEA are amazing, I want to snatch some up myself!

    I would recommend some area rugs for your space.Keep the white protected but easy to roll up when you need the white of the floor!
    Just my 2 cents, from a girl who has never had an area rug or white floors, but is anal about her white shoes staying white!

  • air greenwood

    Hi there Kelly!

    So, you are in luck! They DO have a magic eraser MOP! I have seen it where I live…so if you cant find it, let me know, I will help you! Also, I am absolutely the worst at shopping for rugs as well. I get SO indecisive! Always waiting for the best choice to come around. I hate being too much like everyone else with the same West Elm rug…you know the drill, I am sure. I really have a hard time! I actually scored a killer indigo blue rug at ross about 3 months ago, for a steal! $25! Crazy but so awesome!

    Anyway, Target has a really fun rug that for some reason I could just picture you with, based off your branding, etc.

    I cant wait to see what you come up with! I am sure it will be LOVELY!

    • Kelly

      OH MY GOSH! They really do, I just found it!!!!! You are my hero.

  • Jamie

    Ugh I really want a Castle piece. If I had a million dollars. The day I am grown-up enough to spend that kind of money on art… will be a mighty fine day, indeed.

  • Gucki

    What do you think about an amazing chevron rug?! :))

  • Yolonda

    Great selections…can’t wait to see the space cone together with these options in mind. So fun!

  • Rachel | The Crafted Life

    What a beautiful space Kelly! Absolutely love those chairs and the art that you picked out. Can’t wait to see the end result!

  • Brittni

    So excited to see the space come together, Kel! It’s going to be amazing.

  • amber

    it’s so beautiful! congrats on such an amazing space. well done. i bet it’s even more amazing in person!!! thanks for sharing it with us 🙂 excited to see more!

  • bri

    the white floors look AMAZING. i can’t wait to see it all finished! i just signed up for the brand market workshop! see you soon!

  • Christie

    Ooooo great inspiration pieces! Can’t wait to see the studio complete!!

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