Happy Weekend!
5 Secrets to More Color at Home

Happy Weekend!


Ice Cream Cone Balloon Weights DIY

Tip toeing through ice cream cone balloon weights. They are so much better than tulips. (Photo by Mary Costa Photography)

This week we went to Palm Springs for a wedding meeting and then I decided, well, we’re in Palm Springs… so we did a spontaneous balloon shoot! Because you gotta take advantage of fun places when you can! We drove around in 108 degree heat and I crafted in the car. Normal things, ya know. This weekend… well I’m not sure what it will bring! Going to get some shoots out of the way and work on some fun things for the bridal shower I’m planning for my friend Lauren in Chicago next month! And by next month… I mean July. Which is Tuesday. So… WHAT!? Happy weekend!

{Inspire} Links to Love

The best thing you’ll ever see.
This pineapple blanket
Berry Baggin’ it.
These treats! MY HEART.
I want to register for ALL of these.
Hollywood’s favorite films. A few of my faves are in there!
I’m going to register for a new mixer (because mine has been broken and I don’t love the color, silver, anymore.). I think I want white because committing to a color is scary. What do we think? This one (white/silver or white)? This one? I really want the clear bowl, but this is the only white one with it and it seems INTENSE! (Related: Anyone else register for non-traditional items and have some push back from guests? That’s been interesting!)

Thank you for letting me go on a whole paragraph about a mixer. Moving on…

{Create} DIY Projects & Recipes

Cement sandcastles!
The food styling right here. Oh, it’s good.
OBSESSED with these color blocked food domes!
Ice cream sammies for the Fourth!

{Celebrate} Studio DIY Elsewhere

A huge thank you to Emily for including me in her links she loves!
Pink donuts, it’s where it’s at.
Honored that a perfect summer gathering must include burger balloons and pineapple piñatas!
And some more pineapple love on Good Housekeeping!


  • Vanessa

    I have the White Mixer. It works great but I still don’t know how to use every feature on it and it matches more than silver. I was going to get a pink one but then I thought it should be a color my husband wouldn’t be embarrassed by. And yes about the registry. That was kind of a nightmare for my wedding which took place a few weeks ago. No one wanted to go on the wedding website to see the online registries and most waited until the week of the wedding to actually use them and them some wouldn’t go on our registries and just gave us stuff they just felt like buying that we didn’t need. It was very upsetting because it was like what’s the point of having registries. Most people just came with envelopes filled with money. But yes there was a lot of push back on the registries as it seemed people just didn’t get the concept of the honeyfund or hatch my house.

    • Kelly

      Yep, that’s how we feel! We already have so many of the traditional registry items… but I don’t think some guests realize it. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out!

      (And I also want a pink mixer.. but I just don’t know if I can really commit to it!;)

  • Jessa

    I really love the Artisan Stand Mixer. I used the professional design ones in school and hated them! I felt like I was always spilling trying to get the bowl out! The Artisan also looks better in my opinion ;). As for the glass bowl I wanted one too but it wasn’t in the color I loved, so after getting the mixer for my wedding I just went out and bought this, http://www.amazon.com/KitchenAid-K5GB-5-Quart-Glass-Bowl/dp/B002WUPWC2! I actually really love having two bowls. The glass one sits on it when I’m not using it. (I think it looks nicer on the counter) And when you are making a cake you need one for batter and one for buttercream! I mean who wants to wash dishes… Not me! 🙂 I actually think I bought mine at Macy’s during a sale! Anyway, that’s my two cents. Have a great weekend Kelly!

    • Kelly

      Good to know! Thanks, Jessa! It’s funny, I felt the same way about sewing machines. I learned and used a super basic one, then got a fancy one in school and hated it! Sometimes simple is just the best! I’ll definitely be buying (or registering for!) that glass bowl, too.

  • Lynne

    Sometimes when planning a wedding you find out that many people are a lot more judgmental than you knew. They will complain if everything isn’t traditional and not the way they did it. I never get the people who fuss over the registry, I mean you don’t have to choose a gift from the registry. It certainly makes gift giving easier though. Why do they care what someone else wants? I think it’s usually the older folks who get upset because thinks aren’t the way it was when they married and they don’t like changes. I’m 50 and I say do what you want, thank them for whatever they do choose to give you, and continue being a force of positive energy that you are!

    • Kelly

      Yes, it’s definitely been an eye opening experience! I feel the same way you do all around, Lynne!

  • Leah

    Ok. I am literally crying watching that Lama video. THANK YOU!

  • Tiffanie

    White white! No need for white silver! Happy weekend, lady! xoxo

  • Stacia

    Planning bridal showers is so much fun! One of my besties is getting married in Chicago next year and I’m looking forward to throwing her showers and parties all the week leading up to the wedding.

    • Kelly

      Ah, how fun! I’m so excited for her shower… and for mine two weeks later too!

  • Courtney @ Pizzazzerie.com

    White. Do it. I have a black + silver (I also bought the glass bowl because sometimes when you’re shooting and one bowl is full of mushy cake batter in the sink because you had to run water in to prevent yourself from eating all of it, you’ll need a backup bowl because who the heck has time to clean one when lighting is good). That’s all. 😉

    • Kelly

      HA! I like the way you think… and have been there many times! 😉

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