#MeetTheMindells: Four (ish) Months Out!
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#MeetTheMindells: Four(ish) Months Out!


Writing that “four” number up there just scared the BLEEP out of me! Time. Is. FLYING. We are starting to get into the design details of everything which is exciting! BUT HOLY COW WE HAVE SO MUCH TO DO. So here we go….

Palm Springs Engagement

A sneak peek from our engagement session with Katie Stoops as I just HAD to share one! Shout out to Marimekko for that awesome dress!

What We’ve Done

A walk through. We met our planners and our rental folks (Classic Party Rentals) at our venue last week for a walk through. They took measurements to get a final layout going… and I’m really excited because it looks like we may be able to get that super-long table look I really want after all! The venue is separated into three areas… the front lawn, which will be used for our ceremony; the courtyard, which will be used for cocktail hour (and is what sold us on the venue); and the back lawn, which will be used for the reception! The back lawn is very weirdly shaped so that’s why the long table look we want is in question… but it’s looking up!

La Chureya

Just outside those doors is the courtyard where our cocktail hour will be! EEEP THOSE DOORS!

And that brings me to rentals. I went to Bash’s office last week to start making some rental decisions. Originally we had wanted wood tables, but it turns out that you can’t get everything you want because OMG rentals are so pricey!! So we are going with our backup plan, which is to use a natural linen in a long drape-y style (a la this). I’m actually excited about this because it’s allowing us to bring in wood elements in other ways, like our chairs! For tableware, we’re using gold… surprised!? We’re mixing and matching a few patterns, and adding gold flatware from Hostess Haven. We’ll be doing gold rimmed wine glasses and champagne coupes (YES!!! I LOVE COUPES!) and then, wait for it…. pink water glasses! SHA-ZAM! We’re also working on an amazing idea Bash came up with that combines favors, place cards and chargers. Can’t wait for you all to see it!

Gold Tableware

A sample of the plate combination we are considering! Gold trumps all.

Flowers. Our flower situation is a bit different than normal as my floral designer, Holly Chapple, is a) a good friend and b) on the other side of the country! I’ve started by sending a list of all the flowers we need to her (how many people in the bridal party, parents/grandparents, table estimates and cake flowers) along with my Pinterest board (which, let’s face it, is basically all flowers.) and she’s looking that over now. Luckily I trust her with my life so I’m not worried! JUST SO EXCITED ABOUT FLOWERS!

My dress has arrived… except I haven’t seen it yet! Eeeep! It’s at the bridal store waiting for my first fitting which will be coming up in August. THE ANTICIPATION!

We’ve written some basic wording for our wedding invites, but still aren’t sold on it as we go into the design process. As I mentioned on Instagram, it all feels so stuffy! We want to include my parent’s names on the invitation, so it automatically has a formal feel, but that’s important to us so we aren’t willing to compromise on it. We are going to see what we come up with as the design comes together. We determined that we don’t need a details card within the invitation suite as we’ll be giving that information to everyone in welcome bags (which I am ridiculously excited about! I love welcome bags!). Instead, we’ll be adding a small insert reminding everyone of our wedding website. We are also considering RSVP postcards to eliminate the need for a second envelope. Still debating on that one! Bash will be doing our invitations in-house with some added calligraphy elements. When we had our rental meeting I also got to check out the 5000 different versions of gold foil and see some color palette mock-ups. Oohhh gold, I love you so. WOOT!

What We Need To Do

My bridal shower! My shower is this month and I am SO excited about it! It’ll be great to see everyone and celebrate, without the craziness of the wedding day! Can’t wait to share it all with you guys!!

Citrus Bridal Shower Invitations

A sneaky peek at my shower invites!! They were designed by Isabel of 9th Letter Press who I am OBSESSED WITH! And any invite that comes with sugar is fine by me!

Shoes. I need shoes. Since my first dress fitting will be next month, I need shoes before that. And MAN finding not-super-casual, not-ugly, not-bridal-y wedges is HARD! Even though I really don’t want wedges, I have to be pretty adamant about getting them so I don’t sink into the grass as I’m trying to say my vows. (And I don’t want flats as I don’t like dancing in flats! Weird, I know.) So here’s the scoop. I can’t share my dress because you know who is looking, but I’ll just say this… I’m looking for nude, gold, pink or floral print wedges. I found these (the ones below) when they were over $700 and LOVED them but couldn’t swing that much money. Now they are on sale, but basically sold out everywhere! I called the designer’s NYC store and they have one in each size. If they still have one in my size by some miracle when I’m there in a few weeks, I may swing by… otherwise it looks like I’m saying BUH-BYE to these babies. (*cries*) I’ve also found THESE (Nude) and THESE. What do we think? So many wedges are so clunky, but I don’t just want a boring wedge pump either. It needs to be on the dressier side but NO bling. I’d like a little something going on though. Hoping I have some luck searching online and in stores soon!

Gold Wedges

The shoes I love but left behind. Fingers crossed NYC pulls through for me!

Book a hotel for the wedding night! We still haven’t figured out where us newlyweds will be staying the night of the wedding, so we’re gonna get to booking that this month! We’re looking at The Parker and the Korakia Pensione right now, but if you have any suggestions.. let us know!

We still haven’t figured out what the rest of the bridal party is wearing. How’s that for procrastination!? Luckily I’m getting some major face time with my MOH and Jeff with his Best Man this month so we are hoping to actually knock this out so I can stop telling you guys every month that we’re going to do it.

We need to start conceptualizing some of the other decor details, like escort cards, menus and a ceremony backdrop. There’s also approximately nine MILLION other things to conceptualize, but if I write that all out I might start to cry. SO MUCH TO DO!

West Elm Wedding Registry

We did a fun feature with West Elm on their new registry (which is amazing!).. check it out here! Photo by Megan Welker, and my dress is from ASOS here!

How We’re Feeling

We’re feeling like time is starting to run out! We just sat down last night and game-planned everything that needs to be done before the big day. It’s a big list, but I’m glad we finally sat down and made one together.

After the save the dates and bridal shower invites went out, we found we were, in fact, getting some push back about our wedding registry. There wasn’t enough variety or enough items. As I mentioned in several posts, we kept our registry small on purpose. We were pretty frustrated at first as we didn’t want to be forced to register for items we don’t need or already have (which is a lot). We’re mainly sticking to our guns here as, frankly, we just don’t have the space for the normal amount of registry “stuff” in our house. We’ve added a few additional items and will do so as they come up. Otherwise, we’re really excited about the items we did register for! Like, really excited.

Flamingo Plate

These flamingo plates! A registry must. Photo by Megan Welker!

Help! (Or, Questions for You Hitched Folks!)

We’re starting to think about the day after the wedding and I’m curious… did you all have a formal day-after brunch?

Originally, that was our plan. However, of the few guests that have already booked flights, it seems most are going to be booking it out of the hotel early to catch a morning flight. So, we fear if we do a formal brunch, we’re going to be stuck with a food & beverage minimum that we can’t meet. We were debating, instead, about having more of a take-away style continental breakfast at the hotel we’ve rented out for close family and friends. Pastries, juice and coffee that guests can grab on their way out, swing by and pick-up from the other hotel or sit down around the pool if they have a little more leeway in their travel schedule. What do you think? We don’t want guests who are staying to feel like they have to find their own breakfast, but we also don’t want to provide a breakfast that not many people will be able to attend. We’re thinking this could be a great compromise, but I’d love to know your thoughts!

I’m also curious… if you did have a brunch, did you and your new husband or wife attend the day-after brunch? I’ve been to a few where the newlyweds did and a few where they didn’t.

That’s it for today! See you on the flip side!


  • whit carabillo

    morning! so, my husband and i did a morning after brunch. my in laws thought it was a good idea because our wedding was in NH and most of the people attending came from CT or MA (and some from down south!) we had it at a different location from the hotel where everyone stayed and i sent out invites and we had those attending the brunch RSVP…so that helps with the food situation. we didn’t have to worry about paying for food we didn’t need, since we knew how many guests were coming. and those who did, came in, mingled, ate and got on the road. it wasn’t a super long thing, but fun to have and visit with people. we went to the brunch and had a ton of fun!

    hope this helps! good luck with everything!


    • Kelly

      That’s really smart to do an RSVP. We may have to try that as it would be SO helpful to know a count!

  • Brittni

    I am dying to see all of those engagement photos that Katie took. That top photo is gorgeous!

    On shoes…I think the pink sandal wedge Kate Spade ones are cute! And it would be a clever way to tie your signature bow in to the big day. And I LOVE the pricey metallic gold platforms.

    And I like your solution for the morning after too – sounds like a great way to do it, if you think guests will be heading out anyway.

  • missy

    i completely understand the shoe dilemma! I had a similar one myself when I got married. Between the 3 you showed, I love, love, love the pink Kate Spades – so fun! so not a “bridal” shoe.

    My husband and I hosted a brunch for only close family the morning after our wedding in the restaurant of the hotel we stayed in. Our parents, siblings and my one aunt and uncle with my one cousin made up our group of 14. It was nice and quiet and the perfect send-off for our honeymoon. Honestly, after hosting everyone and barely getting the opportunity to say hello to my new husband until 11 pm on our wedding day – anything more would have been too much!

    Best of luck in these last planning stages – but honestly, after reading the post above, I’m thinking you’ve got this!

  • Kerry / Burritos & Bubbly

    Eek! Weddings are SO MUCH WORK, but it’s totally worth it! We had a very informal coffee-and-donuts brunch the morning after the wedding at our house, mostly for out-of-town guests who had never been to our house before. Obviously it’s different if everyone is out of town, but I think it was fun to have a chance to talk to people in a more relaxed, not hectic, it’s finally over so let’s eat donuts, kind of way. Good luck with the planning!

  • Mary Buck

    Ok. Kelly. I’m not married but have been in lots & have been to lots. Please humor me on my thoughts about registries… Basically, please reconsider!! By registering for lots of items, in lots of price ranges, you’re not only making it easier for your guests, but more importantly, you’re keeping control of/encouraging people where to buy their gifts… which also means you should be able to return those gifts (even without a gift receipt). If you DON’T do this (sadly, it can happen even if you do), you’re basically encouraging people to find their own gift from anywhere– God knows what from God knows where, often with a complete inability to return those items. Some people just don’t want to give cash and won’t, so they’re gonna find something to give you. By registering, you’re just keeping as much control as possible, hopefully keeping the hideous homemade vases from the local craft show to a minimum. Did that make any sense? PS– I LOVE the pink floppy-bowed Kate Spades. Even better than the $700’s.

    • Kelly

      Totally see where you’re coming from, Mary! We’ve definitely registered for many items in all price ranges, it just seems that since the items we have registered for aren’t “traditional” that people aren’t sure what to do with them! I’ve added a few more items along the way but fact of the matter is, we just already have so many things that are perfectly good! It’ll be interesting to see the outcome of our choices. That’s for sure! =)

  • Mary Buck

    Oh! And as for the morning-after… After my brother’s wedding, my folks had a super small, super informal brunch, mainly for family & out-of-town guests. They ordered a ton of delicious pastries, had coffee & mimosas, and it was amazing. I was so grateful for the chance to get to talk to everyone, as the night before was a total blur & you just can’t talk to everyone during the reception– and I was just a bridesmaid! After all, when in your life is everyone you love going to be assembled in one place?? And I don’t think you’d HAVE to attend, but I think you’d want to… just don’t make it too early. And stress the informal-ness!! Tired, hungover people will attend if there’s coffee, food, & they know they don’t have to dress up!

  • Ari

    Check these out! http://www.zappos.com/j-renee-chrissy-gold-glam-fabric

    They have them in a variety of colors!

  • Janet

    We did a brunch at my mother-in-laws and we did attend. We had a blast reliving some fun memories of the wedding and reception.

  • Andrea

    We had those plates at our wedding too! They are so beautiful! Congratulations!

  • Kristina B

    I think the swing-through brunch idea is good. And if I went to brunch the day after a wedding, and the couple wasn’t there, I’d be like “UMMMM why am I here?”
    I feel like the brunch is for the couple to spend QT with the guests that came from far away where the 4th cousins twice removed are probably already headed back to their shantys or whatever.

    • Kelly

      Good point! I’ve been to so many brunches where the couple wasn’t there, that I wasn’t sure what the norm was! It’s definitely a good opportunity for some QT with guests though. I know the wedding will be nuts!

  • Heather Smoke (Curly Girl Kitchen)

    Oh, my gosh, my vote on the shoes is for those adorable pink bow wedges! I love them!

  • Jamie G

    I have these wedges, and I love them- http://us.lkbennett.com/Shoes/Wedges/Estela-Peep-Toe-Wedges/p/SSESTELAKIDLEATHERTaupeLight%20Taupe
    The color is very light, and they’re super comfy!
    Jamie @ SnapGinger Blog

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