Happy Weekend! (+What's a Weekend?!)
5 Secrets to More Color at Home

Happy Weekend! ( + What’s a Weekend?)


All the PillowsSooo I like options? I got ALL the pillows. But I MEAN! Flamingos, donuts, ice cream, fruit! Did you think I could resist?
(Sources: Sprinkle Pillow, Abstract Pillow, Let’s Party Pillow, Flamingo Pillow c/o Wayfair, Donut Pillow, Fruit Pillow, Ice cream Pillow, Yellow Triangle Pillow c/o Lulu & Georgia; Pink Couch in partnership with Viesso)

From here on out, August is the month without weekends. We are shooting the studio this weekend (!!), next weekend I’m hosting a workshop and after that we’re doing some wedding-y stuff in Palm Springs. But hey, I’ll get relaxing weekends again when I’m dead, right!? 😉 I’m really excited to finally be shooting the studio, and kind of amazed at how long it took to come together! I’ve been taking BAZILLIONS of behind the scenes photos of us setting it up. It’s quite comical. Are you guys savoring the last few bits of summer this weekend!? I sure hope so!

{Inspire} Links to Love

Pink and sparkly all over. Yup.
This is my dream scenario right there.
Seeing spots. (I need this!!)
Can someone start a company that makes kid’s clothes in adult sizes? Thanks!

{Create} DIY Projects & Recipes

Paint your tees!
I think real watermelons should come in ALL of these colors.
S’mores and ice cream. That’s really all I need to say.
Did we talk about this ice cream cake yet? Because we need to.
The cutest back to school wrapping paper!
Kissy kissy!
So brownies with veggies in them. I mean, do we just do this so we can eat a few more and not feel bad? Because I’m down with that.

{Celebrate} Studio DIY Elsewhere

I was the lucky recipient of this gift!!
How to throw the best party EVER! Donut balloons, obviously.


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