A Cozy, Colorful Reading + Work Nook at the HQ
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A Cozy, Colorful Reading + Work Nook at the HQ


Cozy and Colorful Reading Nook

I did a little rearranging at the studio over the weekend! Target gave me the challenge of giving a cozy fall update to my colorful headquarters. I feel a little silly calling this a reading nook when, well, the only books I’ve made the time to read recently are cookbooks! In fact one of the things I’m looking forward to most after our wedding is a few days where I can just sit by the pool and read a real book! What a luxury! But, this little nook I’ve created also doubles perfectly as a work nook. I’ve had to do some sketching for a few projects recently and most days you’ll find me working from the couch! I layered up two gorgeous side tables so I could bring in a pop of color with some greenery (all snuggled up for fall in this basket!), and still have room for a disco ball filled bowl… a total necessity here at the HQ. Playing around with the furniture at the studio is kind of like playing dress up as a kid… crazy fun and I still can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have a space to let my ideas run wild in!

Wood, Gold + White for Fall
Cozy and Colorful Reading Nook
Cozy and Colorful Reading Nook
All Photos by Jeff Mindell

So tell me, who’s read a great book recently!? I need a recommendation or two for next month. I’m open to anything fiction, non-fiction, biz books… lay it on me in the comments below! In the meantime, you’ll catch me sketchin’ (ermmm… napping!?) in my new little nook! Sources for my new Target pieces are below!!

Gold Table / Wood Table / Rope Basket / White + Gold Bowl / White + Gold Pillow

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