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Happy Weekend! (+ A Can’t Crop This Class Sale!)


DIY Emoji Heart Balloons
Hands up for emoji balloons!

I gotta say, I am SO happy to head into this long weekend! It’s been kind of a rough week over here as we head into the marathon that is October through February here on the blog! It’s our busiest and most exciting time so we sleep a little less but oh MAN the stuff we have in store is GOOOOOODDDDD!

But before we get to all that… good news! We’re running a big sale on our Can’t Crop This Class through the holiday weekend. From now until Monday at 11:59pm PST you can get 15% off the class with code “BYESUMMER”! You can learn more about this Instagram 101 style class right over here, if you haven’t checked it out yet. You can watch the class as many times as you’d like and there’s no expiration date so you can snag it now and watch it later, after the BBQs have come and gone! Now go enjoy this last BURST of summer!!! See you Tuesday!

Links to love, watch + procrastinate with…

Blogging > Jogging.
Check all that apply
Can’t wait to read this installment of my fave series!
This could not be more true.
Also HA! But first, brunch.
It’s kind of hilarious that these are $73 but they are also kind of awesome.
Need this jacket plus this backpack plus ALL of these.
My faves on sale again! 40% off!! Stocking up.

Projects to try + sugar rushes to be had…

More reasons why I’m proud to call this girl my friend.
Breakfast for dessert!
Awesome par-tay wall decals!
Piñata cupcakes for everyone!
How cute is this candle garland!?


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