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2016 Reader Survey (+ Win $300 to ASOS!)


2016 Reader Survey

It’s that time again! The annual reader survey is the #1 tool I use to shape this blog’s content for the upcoming year. For those of you who took the survey we put out last month, this one is different and I would LOVE for you to take this one, too. Which is why I’m bribing you with the chance to win $300 to ASOS*! Whattttt!? Ok, it’s more like a “thank you” than a bribe, but you get the gist. 😉

This survey will ask you about what you liked in 2015 (and what you didn’t!) and what you want to see in 2016! There’s also a few opportunities at the end to ask me anything, and I’ll be answering those questions in a follow up post.

It’s a huge goal of mine to think about “DIY” in a new way in 2016. I want to start thinking of “DIY” as more than just projects, but as a method for creating a life totally unique to you. SO! You’ll see that reflected in the questions. I’d be so grateful if you shared your thoughts.. and remember to keep your eye on the prize… better content AND a chance at winning $300 to ASOS after completing the survey!

SURVEY + GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED! Thank you to everyone who took the survey! We’ll be sharing the results on January 20th on the blog and on Periscope (@studiodiy) at 10am Pacific. Congrats Natalie, you won and we’ll be in touch!

*This giveaway is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by ASOS. It’s just a way for me to say thanks!


  • Marielle

    I’m curious to see how you will develop over the next year! I also did a reader-survey a while back and it was very helpful in guiding some important decisions on where I want to head with my blog. I hope the results are useful to you and will inspire you to keep studio DIY the pretty, colourful place it is!

    • Kelly

      Thank you Marielle! I absolutely love doing these surveys and getting to hear from everyone. And I agree, it’s so helpful in knowing how to shape the future content of the blog!

  • Jana Henkrichova

    In 2015 I find your instagram account and i never see so beautiful space in that damned internet. It makes me smile everyday and I still wish to be artist like you! I cant tell what i I like about it in one way and also i don’t expert eye on art. I am just human who is looking at your pictures everyday and like them so much that i want them on my wall in my house, to make everybody to come positive and happy! Beautiful colors, composition and items. I wish you in 2016 you will find many new inspirations to keep eyes of people on your pictures to make them warm and satisfied what they see as it is for my eyes.

  • Courtney

    At the end of the survey I was prompted to click on a link to subscribe to your newsletter in order to be entered in the drawing. I clicked on the link and entered my email address however I’m already subscribed to your newsletter so I got an error message. Just thought I’d let you know in case this error means I wasn’t entered in the drawing.

    • Kelly

      Hi Courtney!

      Great question, but don’t worry, you were entered!! Yay! And thank you for taking the survey!

  • Laura

    I don’t remember being prompted to put in an email after I finished the survey 🙁 I don’t think I got entered. Should I fill it out again? (I don’t want to duplicate answers for your survey!)

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