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Happy Weekend! (+ What decade would you want to live in!?)


Heart BalloonHow gorgeous is this heart balloon painting Shana sent over?? It’s iridescent!!!

Today is Jeff’s birthday!!! I think we’re doing dinner and a movie and keeping it low key! Plus, of course I’m making him his annual cake!!!!! I might be more excited for it than he is? 😉 We’ve had another whirlwind of a week after our Grease adventures and our Sugarfina event, so we’re excited to relax a bit. What are you guys up to!?

Our time on set last week had me thinking about today’s question…

What decade would you want to live in if you could go back in time?

Mine would definitely be the 50s, exclusively for the music, dancing and the clothes! Funny because I don’t really have any sort of retro/50s influence in my wardrobe, but I really do love it. And I just want to swing dance, lindy hop and hand jive all the live long day. Jeff said the ’80s and Samantha said she’d just like to stay in the current decade we’re in. HA! So, how about you!?

Giveaway Update: Congrats Alexandra and Madison! Your #TroopStudioDIY Pin Packs are on their way!

And now for some links…

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You’re the Mary Kate to my Ashley.

A professional chocolate tester? Sign me up!

Love this holographic gift wrap from Brittni!

These date night dice are genius!!!!

This licorice all sorts party is TOO. GOOD.

Lovingggg the wallpaper in Elsie’s dining room.

This colorful jewelry is SO gorgeous.

Gonna need to make these flats.

Chocolate nutella cookie bars are calling my name!

I had way too many of the irrational fears mentioned in these comments. OOPS! And also, I totally keep one eye open in the shower at all times.

Oh! And one more thing. Studio DIY was nominated for a Shorty Award!!!! If you feel so inclined, I would be so grateful to have your vote! =) SO many awesome and talented folks are nominated, and I’m honored to be a part of the group! Happy Weekend!!


  • Kristina B

    Loved reading the comments in the Irrational Fears post! Funny how so many people have the same fears!

    I was born in ’81 so while I technically DID live in the 80’s I think I would have liked to be a teenager or young adult in the 80’s if I had my pick. But that would make me A LOT older now soooo I’m good. haha

  • Jess

    Back to the 80s! Slap bracelets, squeez its, and neon everything! Also scratch and sniff stickers were easier to find.

    • Kelly

      Oooh good point on the scracth and sniff stickers! I’ve been dying to do a DIY for something scratch and sniff. Hmmm!!!!

  • Emily

    I’d have to agree with you that I would love to live in the 50’s. Full skirts in pastels and floral prints, with cat-eye glasses, yes please!

  • Kelsey

    Stumbled across your blog last night and fell in love! Congrats on the nominee! And have fun celebrating Jeff’s birthday!


  • Laura

    I dream of living in the 20’s with all the gorgeous clothes, cars, and art deco!

  • Jennifer

    Mine is definitely a tie between the 50’s and the 60’s. Like you, I love the fashion of the 50’s, but the music of the 60’s is my absolute favorite. I have two words for you: The Beatles. Also, I feel like my personality fits the 60’s more. I honestly don’t know if I could choose one.

  • Elle

    After much consideration, I decided I am actually very glad to live in this decade. As much as I love the style of the 50s, 60s, and 90s, I think this decade is the most fun because it’s like a mix of all the decades! You can choose which decade you want to “live” in because you can find pieces from other decades all over the place.Yes, I’ve obviously thought about this way too much. 😀 By the way, Congrats to you on your nomination and happy birthday to Jeff!

    • Kelly

      I love that, Elle! It’s a very good point, you see so many influences from all different eras now! I kind of love it too.

  • Heather | The Deans List

    I would have to say the 50s-60s. It was such a fun and exciting time for color, prints, and all out FUNK! 🙂 Happy Birthday, Jeff!

  • Jordana

    I’m torn between the 20’s and the 50’s because part of me love the glitz and glam of Gatzby-esqe fashion there is something about poodle skirts and sock hops that calls to me. Happy birthday Jeff!

  • Alexandra Adams

    Happy birthday, Jeff! Loooved that article about Georg Bernardini–I might have to go get his book now!
    As for the decade that I would want to live in, it might be a lame answer but I like this one! I don’t think I could go any further back as far as women’s rights go; I’m much too outspoken for that! 🙂 That being said, I do absolutely love the colors and prints of the 70s disco era!

  • Nicole

    Good question. I think probably the 1920s because there were such beautiful dresses and I am also a Art Deco architecture freak.

  • Emma Pouncey

    Although I think the 90’s-00’s is a really cool period to have grown up in, I can’t help but wonder what it’d be like to live in the 60’s. All the music, art, literature, political movements and international relations were so interesting! I would have loved to experience them first-hand, and not just read about them in books!

  • Rachel Oroz

    I believe I was born in the wrong decade. The 50s had the best of everything. I love the cars, the hair, the music. Everything. I also look best in poodle shirts, if I do say so meself.

  • Aiman Ghani


    The 90s. I think because I don’t really know anything about any other decades and Full House and the fashion in the 90s is just so beautiful. I mean it’s kind ofmodern now ssince we’ve brought em back, but the 90s are so sentimental with Disney and all the change in the world and everything! Xx

  • Nicole N

    I’m torn between the 80’s and now! Although I’ve never lived in the 80’s I’ve been infactuated with the 80’s style recently! The music and the insane fun colors really makes me wish I was living during those times! Although I really love the style and music of the 80’s I really like the the minimalistic style we have now!

  • Alyssa

    Shucks, the 40s just get no love! We’re talkin the decade of fashion houses & couture. Floral prints & furs. The decade that gave us IN-N-OUT BURGER and the jello mold dessert! Female leads like Rita Heyworth, Bette Davis, Judy Garland. And who could have grown up without “Cherri-Oats” aka our beloved Cherrios. Cheerios guys! I rest my case. 1940s or bust! 🙂 xo

  • hannah

    i spent most of my childhood secluded from pop culture. so wish i could relive the brilliance and excitement of rhe 90s as an adult with access to all that decade had to offer!

  • Natalie

    The 90s. Cause why not? We can thank the 90s for the brilliant (?) invention of the much-loved, yet quickly forgotten ergenomic keyboard! ??????

  • Lauren

    Either the 20s because I’m obsessed with that period historically, or the 90s because I love the style. Then again, the 50s are pretty nifty as well because of the rise of iconic women in film!?so hard to choose✨

  • Crystal Lira

    After much consideration I think the 60’s only because of the amazing music and also I immoderately thought of Megan’s style from Mad Men, who would want her cute wardrobe! Or any of the outfits from Mad Men women (in later seasons) also it’s when the pink princess phones came out!!!

  • Elaina

    I would like to live in the 20s because of the gorgeous clothes! Although I am also very thankful to love in this decade & experience everything we have today. So maybe I’d just visit the 20s for a while & then return home 🙂

  • Rosie

    The late 50’s/early 60’s! For the clothes all the way. Mad Men is my dream!

  • Ella

    I totally love the 70s. I don’t know if anyone else said that! I love the amazing hippie vibe clothes, they are making a comeback! I just love the whole 70s vibe and it would be totally fun to live in. Happy birthday Jeff!

    • Kelly

      They are definitely making a comeback! Samantha bought a pair of those super wide leg flare jeans that have started popping up everywhere, and we’re all kind of dying over them!

  • Madison

    I would totally stay in this decade!! Why go back to a time without Instagram and Pinterest? ? Let’s not even talk about all the crazy fashion trends in the past. Just the thought makes me cringe ?

  • Chelsea

    50s/early 60s! Gimme all the clothes! I just saw Hail, Caesar! and had serious wardrobe envy <3__<3

  • Lauren

    Definitely the late 70s or 80s. So much of the music I grew up listening to came from that era, and I wish I had been there to experience it first hand. Also glitter, please.

  • Sophie

    The ’80s! I really want to see the decade my parents grew up it—that would be hilarious (and probably enlightening).

  • Maria

    Thanks for featuring my cookie bars! xo

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