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Happy Weekend (+ Who Would Your Celeb Spouse Be?)


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It’s Friday! I’d be more excited if it wasn’t also tax day (CRIES MANY TEARS) but I plan to treat myself to a cupcake (or 10) to help ease the pain. No, but in all seriousness, I was overwhelmed by the response to my post on Tuesday. I’m slowly working my way through all the comments and am so grateful to have such a supportive community, and to have opened a bit of a conversation about the topic of infertility. We have a BIG, super fun shoot tomorrow at the studio and I’m really excited about it. But MORE excited for you all to see it! Stay tuned!!!! But first…

Who Would Your Celeb Spouse Be?

Now, it’s important to differentiate between your crush and your spouse. For example, many of you who know me say “Oh, hers is obvious. It’s Jimmy Fallon.” But, you’d be WRONG! Jimmy Fallon is my crush. If I really had to settle down with someone, Willie Geist, would be my spouse of choice. He’s a Today Show anchor for those of you who don’t know. (I have a thing for middle aged dads that are also NBC news anchors, by the way. Lookin’ at you Brian, Tom, David and Lester, too) ANYWAY! Willie has 6pm dance parties (see 2:45 here for proof) with his family every night so I don’t really think I have to give you any more proof or reasoning that we’re soulmates.

ANYWAY! Samantha would marry John Krasinski, Chelsea would marry Andy Samberg, Annie would marry Cary Grant and Jeff would marry Eva Longoria. LOL What a group.

So, who would be your spouse!?

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The Best Things on the Internet This Week

Never thought I’d say I want giant pasta on my wall but, I do.

These remind me of my Kate Spade Saturday (RIP) shoes that I wore into the ground. NEED!

Why are these popsicles so PRETTY!?

Paradise in a pin.

Two of my favorite people answering Google’s questions together.

So excited for my freaking AWESOME friends. Have you seen Ashley’s cards yet!?

Love this fun gift box garland!

Renters! Alert! Awesome removable wallpaper.

Happy Weekend!


  • Michelle

    I know who my celeb crush is (Idris Elba), but my spouse…it’s a lot harder to answer! I guess I would marry the Cumberbatch!

  • Hannahbelle

    Clive Standen from Vikings. He plays Rollo… also my celebrity crush, so I guess it’s cheating a little. BUT I LOVE HIM THOUGH.

  • Heather B

    This one is hard! My crush is hands down Chris Young but I don’t want to marry a musician who’s always touring… hmmm I guess I’d have to say Chris Pratt. He always looks like he’s having the best time with his family in his Instagram posts.

  • Chelsea H

    Mark Ruffalo HANDS DOWN. He’s so dreamy!

  • Jen Kessler

    I guess my spouse would have to be Ryan Gosling. I mean he’s super crush worthy but also a dad and probably a good conversationalist! haha

    • Kelly

      I very much appreciate the argument for Ryan Gosling to go from crush to spouse! Haha!!

  • Zoë

    Forever I would marry Jason Schwartzman. Too many reasons to list. But also I would have Coppola in laws!

  • Blythe

    My crush is RYAN GOSLING 1000000%! But I think my spouse would be someone like Fred Armisen or Bill Hader because they are HILARIOUS

    • Kelly

      Haha! You and Samantha (And most of America??) share the same crush! I LOVE Bill Hader. Well, mostly I love Stefon. 😉

  • Donna Karanas

    Jesse Williams hands down! Swoooon!

  • Maggie

    I feel like I’ve just been waiting for someone to ask this question. My celeb spouse would have to be Liev Schreiber, of all people.

  • courtney

    Chris Messina! I love him in all of his work and he is easy on the eyes 🙂

  • Ella

    I think I’d go for Ryan Reynolds as both. He is not only super cute, and sweet, he’s a great husband to his perfect wife (damn you Blake Lively) and a great dad to his sweet little girl.

  • Ella

    I’d have to say Ryan Reynolds. Not only is he really sweet and good looking, he’s a great husband to his perfect wife (damn you Blake Lively) and dad to his sweet little girl.

  • Lauren

    My celeb crush is Chris Pratt, but he’s married. Tragic. However, my celebrity spouse is Chris Evans because who wouldn’t want to marry captain america. (I guess you could say I have a thing for famous guys named chris that behave like middle aged dads)

    • Amy

      I have a “Chris” thing too! Pratt, Evans, and Pine are all on my top ten crush list !

  • Amy

    OMG, this question was so hilarious with my husband! He picked Lacey Chabert because she’s not TOO famous (so the paparazzi wouldn’t be unbearable).

    My pick is Ewan McGregor because it is a dream of mine to marry a Jedi (even though that is SO NOT the Jedi way). Plus, he can serenade me every anniversary!

  • Erin Maree

    I honestly have no idea! Its such a tough question! I love Chris Pratt but he is in a happy relationship with Anna Faris so I don’t want to destroy that (plus they have the cutest son!).
    I would have to go with Logan Henderson of Big Time Rush ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3666718/?ref_=tt_cl_t4 ), he has that geeky vibe going on which I love, plus he can sing which is a bonus. He just seems like such a fun sweet good guy who I would love to meet.

  • Jess F.

    Chris Hemsworth! Totally crush-worthy as well of course, but he always talks so lovingly about his wife and three kids, and there are adorable pictures of them hiking, doing yoga, at the beach, etc. together. Seems like a sweet family. 🙂

  • Evanthia

    Oh, what an interesting question!!! Well, I’d like Jimmy Fallon to be my spouse! I love men who have great sense of hunour. (plus, I really like that he isn’t that gorgeous (see Brad Pitt) but this is what I like more! H’e s got the cutest smile ever!)

  • Tiffany W.

    Tom Hiddleston! He’s a Brit who’s always so sweet in interviews. He’s always smiling and genuinely cares. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. Bonus: He can sing!

  • Sarah Surette

    Josh Hutcherson is my crush, but I’d marry him in a heartbeat too!

  • Sherry Hayes

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