You’re Invited: Call for International Readers! (New Series!!)


Call for International Studio DIY Readers!

We noticed a major recurring point in our survey results this year, that our International readers are feeling a bit left out! Studio DIY has a HUGE international audience! But since the entire Studio DIY team is based here in the US, we aren’t very good at covering holidays, or traditions, that are not celebrated here. And since I completely understand that that’s frustrating for those of you who are like “ENOUGH with the Thanksgiving content already!”, at the same time, we don’t really have the experience or the knowledge to speak to these other celebrations.

So, we’ve been working on a new series and it involves YOU!! The series is called “You’re Invited” and we will be exploring how people celebrate any and every occasion in other countries! We want to hear all about unique birthday and holiday traditions, country-specific celebrations and everything in between!

Each month, we’ll be featuring one International reader, their country and the ways they celebrate!!! The series will be interview based and the interviews will be conducted in English via email.

Interested in sharing the celebrations from your country!? If you are either currently living in a country outside of the US or are from a country outside of the US, we want to hear from you!

Please fill out THIS form with the required information.

Since this is an on-going series, we will be reaching out to people on an on-going basis so please be patient with us!

I’m really REALLY excited about this series! I’ve always been fascinated by all the ways people celebrate around the world and I’m SO looking forward to learning more about the celebrations all of you guys are a part of. And I’m even more excited that we all get to learn about them together!!

Can’t wait to hear from you!


  • Michelle

    This is a wonderful idea, I will definitely join in!

  • Kity

    It’s an awesome idea!!!!! I love it!??

  • Kristina B

    Can’t wait to see how this rolls out!!! So fun!

  • Sofia Clara

    Oh this is such a great idea!
    I’ve definitely got a few ideas of things we celebrate here in Switzerland that are a little bit different 🙂

  • Abi

    I’m in!! Here in Spain we know to have fun! 😉

  • Camilla

    Yay! I’m in for Brazil. Carnaval it’s just amazing over here.

  • Julie

    That’s such a good idea! I’ll love to read that.

    xo, Julie (Denmark)

  • tess

    as a US reader, I love this idea- understanding creates peace (and I’m always up for new ways/reasons to celebrate!).

  • Callie

    Perfect Idea! So anxious to read about all those wonerful traditions from around the world! I applied too! Thanks!

  • Moonlight

    I think I’m one of the people who asked for a more diverse content, culturally speaking, from around the globe! I’m from Cyprus (look it up, it’s a sunny island-state in the Mediterranean), and due to my studies and nature of personal interests I find this comparative study of customs and traditions around the world fascinating!
    Looking forward to the new series! (I’ll contact if I think I can be of use in it, once I see what you are actually going for!)
    Thank you so so so much for including this and taking steps to respond to this demand!

    • Kelly

      I’m so fascinated by it too, so excited for this, and glad you are too!!

  • Lucy @capturebylucy

    I adore this idea and have just sent in a few ideas from England. Sweet historical sentiments for May Day rituals and a few others. And you can’t beat celebrating the Royal Family. We are all decking schools and town centres with bunting for her Majesty’s 90th Birthday! Cheerio for now Lucy xx

  • Rome

    This is so cool! xx

    A reader from the Philippines ♥

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