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What’s Your Summer Aesthetic?


What's Your Summer Aesthetic? | studiodiy.com

It is time to make a very important decision today, ladies and gentlemen. And that is to define your official summer aesthetic. Are you feeling like a wild child or like a child who never grew up? Are you in a chill out kind of mood or perhaps you’re just ready to rebel and eat your heart out!? Who are YOU going to be this summer? We rounded up some of our favorite products for every aesthetic so you can be prepared, whichever you decide. CHOOSE WISELY, friends!

What's Your Summer Aesthetic? | studiodiy.com

No. 1 Smiley Float | No. 2 Rainbow Cooler | No. 3 Rainbow Towel
No. 4 Portable Charger | No. 5 Beach Ball | No. 6 Sunglasses
No. 7 Swimsuit | No. 8 Tumbler | No. 9 Umbrella
No. 10 Unicorn Float

What's Your Summer Aesthetic? | studiodiy.com

No. 1 Swimsuit | No. 2 Towel | No. 3 Round Towel
No. 4 Ice Trays | No. 5 Cards | No. 6 Fan
No. 7 Truck Clutch | No. 8 Floaties | No. 9 Ice Cream Float
No. 10 Ice Cream Sandwich Float

What's Your Summer Aesthetic? | studiodiy.com

No. 1 Watermelon Float | No. 2 Lemon Float | No. 3 Drink Umbrellas
No. 4 Sunglasses | No. 5 Lip Balm | No. 6 Swimsuit
No. 7 Drink Dispenser | No. 8 Koozies | No. 9 Luggage Tag
No. 10 Cooler Bag | No. 11 Tattoos | No. 12 Flip Flops | No. 13 Round Towel

What's Your Summer Aesthetic? | studiodiy.com

No. 1 Planter | No. 2 Sunglasses | No. 3 Cake Plate
No. 4 Swimsuit | No. 5 Tote | No. 6 Fanny Pack
No. 7 Lint Roller | No. 8 Wild Thing Case | No. 9 Dino Case
No. 10 Dino Pool Float

What's Your Summer Aesthetic? | studiodiy.com

No. 1 Barrettes | No. 2 Mermaid Swimsuit | No. 3 Shell Swimsuit
No. 4 Shell Float | No. 5 Iridescent Platforms | No. 6 Phone Case
No. 7 Sunglasses | No. 8 Shell Coin Purse | No. 9 Hat
No. 10 Glitter Flask | No. 12 Holographic Tote

What's Your Summer Aesthetic? | studiodiy.com

No. 1 Sandals | No. 2 Cocktail Clutch | No. 3 Luggage Tag
No. 4 Cocktail Sunnies | No. 5 Round Towel | No. 6 Plates
No. 7 Swimsuit | No. 8 Ring | No. 9 Hat
No. 10 Toucan Float

What's Your Summer Aesthetic? | studiodiy.com

No. 1 Dots Float | No. 2 Smarties Float | No. 3 Visor
No. 4 Tank | No. 5 Barbie Shoes | No. 6 Swimsuit
No. 7 Fanny Pack | No. 8 Towel | No. 9 Sunglasses
No. 10 Magic 8 Ball | No. 11 Gummy Bear Float | No. 12 BFF Floats

What's Your Summer Aesthetic? | studiodiy.com

No. 1 Burger Towel | No. 2 Tattoos | No. 3 Drink Floats
No. 4 Pretzel Float | No. 5  Cake Swimsuit | No. 6 Pizza Swimsuit
No. 7 Donut Frisbee | No. 8 Pizza Float | No. 9 Popcorn Float
No. 10 Fries Sunnies | No. 11 Pizza Sunnies

So which aesthetic are you feeling? My obvious choice would be sunshine and rainbows but I’m telling you guys… I’ve got a serious thing for toucans right now so that’s really throwing a wrench into my decision making…

p.s. A giant tropical drink piñata!


  • Amanda U.

    I’m going to a cabin with all of my friends in few weeks and I’ve been looking for some fun swag to bring along. Thanks SO much for this post – so many options!

  • Heather

    I must say, Chill Out is probably going to be go to because ice cream. But I really am digging the tropics stuff and you can never go wrong with dinosaurs! Can we have a hybrid aesthetic?

    • Kelly

      I am DOWN with a hybrid aesthetic! Nothing like ice cream and dinosaurs. Haha!

  • Tiffany W.

    I would pick CHILL OUT – that ice cream truck clutch! The round towel! The ice cream sandwich pool float! I would sneak in the bathing suit and hat from IN THE TROPICS too. ☺

  • Kristina B

    WOWZERS you weren’t kidding about an epic round-up! I can’t pick between the food options or the dinosaurs but I do love the donut floating cup holder! Genius!

    • Kelly

      Ha I told you it was epic! I’m so into the dinosaur one too! Mostly for that bathing suit…

  • laurel

    bahahaa, the ice cream cones on the butt!

  • Emily!

    In the Tropics!!!!! My 30th is in just less than 2weeks and that style is on point!! Love that tropical high-waisted suit!! Thanks for curating! ??????

    • Kelly

      Happy almost birthday!!! That celebration definitely deserves a tropical bathing suit! 😉

  • Nikki

    Oooh, what a great round up! I’m definitely a tropics girl but that watermelon drink dispenser is screaming my name! Can I be both?!


  • Elle

    I am definitely feeling the tropical one! I’ve always been deeply in love with all tropical things, even though I live in the Midwest. 😀 All the aesthetics are so amazing though! Such a fun round up!

  • Linda

    Chill Out is definitely me!! Haha. 🙂


  • Michelle

    I’m definitely in for the tropics style, that swimsuit is gorgeous, and I love that shade of rich green!

  • BREE

    Oh my gosh, these are adorable! I am SO fresh + fruity this year! Totally feeling ya on the toucan thing though. They can count as rainbow. Love all these things!

  • Lexi

    Chill out is the cutest!

  • Judy H.

    Fresh and Fruity is so much fun and very summery! Love it!

  • allison

    I don’t know if I can pick one…they’re actually a bit too colourful for me. I’m super subdued in my colour choices…well, black, white, and bright pink. BUT, can we talk about how amazing pool floats have been lately!? I wish I had somewhere to go to need one.

  • Chelsey

    I’m going to say “Sweet Dreams” is my aesthetic because I am donut obsessed! <3

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  • Jo Smith

    Ugh love these! My favorite aesthetics are “mermaid” and “won’t grow up”

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