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50 Random Facts About Me!

While we’ve been deep in Halloween-land (Or Halloweentown… hahahaHA!), have you been following along over on YouTube!? We shared a vlog from our Atlanta Trip, 50 random things about me and today we’ve got a Q&A up where Jeff and I answer your questions about working together! If you’re not subscribed, be sure to pop over there and do so so you don’t miss any of our videos! Cookin’ up some fun ones for the rest of the year!

Oh! And if you suggestions for videos (or types of videos) you’d like to see, let me know in the comments below!


  • Helen

    Excited to watch! Headed to YouTube now!

    XO Helen |


    Ooohhhh… I can’t wait to watch today’s video!


    I would LOVE to see a behind the scenes video of your colored wall photo shoots out in the wild – I can only imagine the people staring and pointing, yet you always look so calm and confident.


  • Erin Maree

    Because I can’t for the life of me remember my youtube password (it may even be in my old email address from ages ago!) here are few random things about me:
    I am intolerant to milk so cereal for breakfast was always considered a no go, so I grew up eating leftovers for breakfast! Though in the past couple of years I have slowly switched over to having one hard boiled egg but every now and then I will still eat leftovers because I can.

    I am double jointed but lack coordination (due to a condition), so my doctor jokes that I have the flexibility to be the gymnast but not the coordination to be one!
    I am super clumsy and hated sport at school because if there was a chance I could get hit with a flying object I would. Even now I rarely join in on active games and prefer to just keep score or watch from the sidelines. Most recently in the space of a weekend I got hit in the eye but a Frisbee and a gym matt. I have also fallen in a fishpond, peeled my left pointer fingers tip off and have a scar on my eyebrow from hitting my head on a washing machine stand’s corner.

    I buy random stuff of ebay when I am tired, recently I keep buying pens! I never spend more than $10 and tend to buy stuff from china with free shipping so it takes like 6 weeks to get here. The funny thing is I always know I have bought something but can never remember what or the quantities so its a surprise to me and everyone in my family when the packages rock up.

    I loved learning more about you, and find it cool that you are the youngest out of 5 and the only girl (were your brothers super protective when you started dating?).
    I would love to see some Studio DIY disasters like surely things don’t always go as planned? Would make me feel better when some of my diys fail haha

    • Kelly

      So many fun facts, Erin!! I love that you order things and forget what they are, that’s like the BEST kind of snail mail!! ha!

      And I love the idea of doing a DIY disasters post! We have definitely had MANY fails!

  • Isabelle

    I always love fun facts about anything! Watching you on youtube!

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