Happy Halloween!!!!!


Studio DIY Halloween Costumes!
So MANY costumes, so little time!!
Photo by Jeff Mindell

Happy Halloween you guys!!! Part of me can’t believe it’s here and part of me has felt like it’s been Halloween for 6 months. Because, well, it has in our world! Ha!

Every year I am filled with so much gratitude for the people who make our costumes and all the people who help get our tutorials rolling so you all can make our costumes. I’ll share my annual reader costume round-up tomorrow but today, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone behind the scenes who helped make this Halloween and our new costume shop such a SUCCESS!

First, I gotta thank my awesome team in Kentucky who keep the shop running and orders shipping! (OK, they do WAY more than that!) There were so many people involved with getting this shop off the ground and sometimes I still can’t believe we DID it!

Next, I gotta thank my team on the ground here in LA. Samantha and Annie had many an additional hour worked over the last few months to help make (and often model!) nearly 50 costumes. And of course Jeff, who worked round the clock editing the photos (and now video!) of said 50 costumes like a CHAMP!

Then we’ve got the rest of the team that stepped in for our big shoot day: Alex (our art director), Jordy (our stylist), Theresa (our production assistant), Rachel (our videographer), Stef and Barbie from PAGE Beauty (our hair + makeup gals) and Phil (our lighting master)! We kept saying after the shoot that we couldn’t have done it with not even one less person. And everyone ROCKED it!

And last but certainly not least, I have to thank our amazing models! Emily, Kelly, Neesha, Kellyn, Ravayna, Madison, Stephanie, Darlene, Natalie and Lisa! These ladies flawlessly went from pineapple to unicorn to palm tree to milkshake and back again and they all looked awesome in every shot.

Can you believe how many people it takes to keep our Halloween train running!? I still can’t believe how much it’s grown since the day I needed a last minute post and crafted up a pineapple hat, threw it on, and shot in behind a 99cents store ten minutes before sunset. I am so lucky to have so many people willing and excited to dive into these crazy ideas with me!

Stay tuned for the full reader round-up tomorrow! If you made a Studio DIY inspired costume and want to be included be sure to share your photo with the hashtag #studiodiyincostume! If you have a private account, DM me a photo instead! (Note: If your account is private, you have to upload the photo directly to the DM, you can’t share your post because I can’t see it!)

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