20 Statement Boots You Gotta See


20 Colorful Statement Boots You Gotta See

Are “statement boots” a thing? They should be. Because I’ve found twenty of them for you. Well, really, I just wanted an excuse to buy some new boots and this post was it so… THANKS, you guys! Every year I like to snag a couple pairs of colorful or patterned boots because so many winter clothes are neutral (Boooo!) and it really helps jazz up an outfit!

20 Statement Boots You Gotta See

No. 1 Beaded Velvet Boots | No. 2 Maroon Velvet Boots
No. 3 Glitter Lace Up Boots | No. 4 Green Suede Boots
No. 5 Pink Clear Heel Boots | No. 6 Leopard Heeled Boots
No. 7 Gold Heeled Boots | No. 8 Pink Boots
No. 9 Blue Velvet Boots | No. 10 Spotted Boots
No. 11 Light Pink Velvet Boots | No. 12 Rainbow Heeled Boots
No. 13 Leopard Boots | No. 14 Silver Glitter Chelsea Boots
No. 15 Star Boots | No. 16 Silver Glitter Heeled Boots
No. 17 Light Blue Velvet Boots | No. 18 Blue Fuzzy Boots
No. 19 Gold Ankle Boots | No. 20 Black Glitter Heeled Boots

So which ones are your fave!?!? The light pink velvet are mine, I think. But I’m pretty obsessed with those bug ones too!!!!

p.s. A DIY pizza sweater to complete your winter outfit!


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