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Are You Guys… Bored!?



First, I want to thank you all for your never-ending support and kindness on yesterday’s post. You, and this community, never cease to below me away. In an effort to continue my (maybe to a fault?) honesty, I wanted to chat about something else!

I have been feeling a little… bored lately. As a result, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about where to take Studio DIY’s content this year, and before we do our annual reader survey next week, I wanted to chat with you about it.

It seems like last year more than any other we have just been so inundated and overstimulated with A LOT. We’re constantly scrolling, tapping, swiping, hashtagging. My entire Facebook feed moves now because it’s all videos. I scroll through Instagram sometimes without ever actually looking because there’s just TOO much to look at. Trends, blogs, feeds, all start to blend together because there’s only so many ideas and so much content to go around and everyone only has so much time and patience to give. And don’t even get me started on Insta stories and Snapchat. YOWZA! My brain is spinning, is yours?

It’s all left me craving something more,  as a consumer and as a content creator. I imagine if I’m feeling this way… I’m not alone?

So I’m really curious to know, are you guys bored too? Overwhelmed? Or is it just me? Have you seen too much of “the same” lately here? Or maybe I should ask…

What do you feel is missing? Whether that’s from Studio DIY, or from the blog/social media world in general. Is there something you’re craving, something you want more of?

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out ways to bring myself out of this rut, while still staying true to Studio DIY and what it stands for.

I know personally I’ve been gravitating towards blogs that carry more of a conversation. Ones that aren’t just pretty photos but also are filled with conversations and personal essays. That type of content seems more… refreshing to me lately.

Here are a few thoughts I’ve had for changing things up here:

  • Featuring others more in interviews like our new What’s In My Clutch series and our soon to be You’re Invited series
  • Bringing on DIY contributors for a fresh perspective
  • Sharing quick posts with random thoughts, and/or things I’m loving. Just because.
  • Picking a few monthly “themes” that we center content around, to keep things cohesive but not let ideas and trends blend together and become over played
  • Working on larger scale DIYs, like furniture or room makeovers
  • Starting daily Instagram “prompts” or challenges, to help you bring more color and happiness to your life on a simple, attainable level
  • Getting more personal. You all have long requested more “personal” posts here, but I have never been able to figure out what you mean by that. Business? Marriage? Thoughts on life? Whether I prefer the middle or edges of brownies? 😉 I think I might be ready to explore this, though.

I really do love hearing from you guys. Learning more about you. Posing questions and hearing your answers. Sharing my experiences and hearing yours. And DIY posts don’t really garner that because, well, there’s only so much to say about those.

So… did any of this make any sense? HA! I really want to be more intentional with my content this year. I want to deepen our relationship a bit more, while ensuring that you can still come here every day for a burst of DIY, sugar, happiness and fun. None of that is going anywhere, by the way. I’m just making room for some other stuff, too.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on any or all of the above in the comments below! And be honest!

I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!


  • Chelsey

    Yes Kelly yes! You read my mind. The overstimulation and constant posts are starting to blend together. For me, I am trying to move towards a more minimal and practical lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, donuts, colorful holiday and Diy’s will always be my fave, but I think creating Diy’s that create a solution (functional diy?) instead of just being fun or pretty is what I’m looking for now! I also think creating Diy’s for work would be another great idea since we spend more time at work than at home some days! I love that you are going to be sharing more personal posts. Happy new year!


    • Kelly

      Thank you so much for the feedback, Chelsey! We are definitely going to continue to try to incorporate more functional DIYs and I completely agree! Also love the ideas of creating DIYs for work! Will explore that for sure.

      • Chelsey

        I wanted to amend my previous comment to tell you I’m not bored with your posts, but my feed as a whole! I love your posts and they certainly don’t blend together for me! Sorry if that was misleading!

    • Elizabeth

      I love the idea of DIY projects for work. I’m always trying to figure out ways to make my cubicle a little more homey without being overly unprofessional!!

  • Monique | WritingMonique

    Oeh. I actually still love what you’re doing on here Kelly! However, those new ideas sound great as well! I would definitely love to hear more personal stuff and I love the idea of a deeper conversation community!
    As a DIY blogger myself, I would definitely like to see how you brainstorm. How you come up with all your amazing ideas! Behind The Scenes things are always great!

    • Kelly

      Thanks Monique!! Sharing how we brainstorm is a great idea! So glad you’re up for having some more conversation around these parts, too! =)

  • Jessica

    I would love some room makeovers! And inviting other people could be great as well. I’ll support Studio DIY no matter what 😉 x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

    • Kelly

      Good to know, Jessica!! While doing room makeovers scares me, I’m kind of really excited about it! Thanks!!!

  • Sarah

    First of all I love your blog I check it everyday!
    A post that I have really enjoyed is the ‘What’s in my clutch series’. Can we have lots more of these please?
    I would also be interested in any tips you have in running and building a successful business and how you stay motivated. (I’m a bit of a procrastinator.)
    I would also love to see how you would tackle a room makeover.
    I live in the U.K. so it would be nice to see some contributions or collaborations with blogs from around the world. Virtually all the blogs I follow are American and I struggle to find British ones that have content I like. I know they must exist, maybe you could (or already have) find ones that have a similar feel but with a unique take on your type of content.
    Thanks for all the amazing DIY’s!

    • Kelly

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the “What’s In My Clutch” series! We will definitely have more of those coming at you each month! So glad you’re open to seeing some contributors here, and so interesting what you said about the UK! I never really thought about it, but most every blog I follow is based in the US as well. Will explore this for sure!

      • Verity

        Ditto for Australia. Also including metric measurements in your DIY’s (meters alongside yards) would be very helpful for practically everyone who is not in the US.

  • belen

    Hey Kelly! Okay, so, you asked for an opinion and I will give it to you. I think social media & internet overall is giving us TOO MUCH so we stop paying attention. It’s normal, we’re over-informed, over-connected, over-everything, that leads to a general apathy. “Oh, that? Cool, next”.
    That’s why I think it’s really, really important to maintain your own voice and style. After all, people won’t follow you because you are in the latest trends (or they will, but they will fade after a wile), they will follow you because they like what you say, what you do and how you do it, even if it’s not trendy.
    Studio DIY has its own voice, I’ve been following you for a while now (I actually used this blog as an example for one of my uni assays about blogging), so I think you should stay in here. You are this, you are color, you are party, you’re quirky, you’re party. Like, adding furniture tutorials it isn’t exactly the right button to press, you’re trying to make life a party, what the heck does furniture has to do with it? It may work in other blogs (like, sorry to mention it, but it works for a beautiful mess), but just because their approach has been different that yours.
    By the other hand, DIY contributors and sharing more personal post seems like a great idea, it’s fun, fresh and you can keep your own voice. “Life is a party? Yeah, sure, but hear this…”
    Well, I hope I didn’t sound like a nerdy gal or boring, I really wanted to help because I freaking love this blog and I think all your team are amazing ♥ My best wishes for you in this 2017, kelly & cia! xxx
    also, sorry for my english. i’m spanish and my english kinda sucks.

    • Sarah

      I really agree with Belen! I read a lot of different blogs and if everyone started doing furniture projects for instance, the blogs would really start to lose their own personalities. I LOVE your niche, I can’t wait until my toddler is a little older and she can participate in some of the DIY projects with me (animal cookie pillow! food ornaments!!!). Your style may be “trending” but you have a really great niche in the blog world and you should celebrate that!

      I LOVE your clutch subscription but I’m stumped as to how I would continue to use a growing pile of adorable clutches. I struggle with having too much stuff as it is. Maybe you could do a post or series on that?

      • Kelly

        Totally agree and understand all your points! Thank you for being honest! And we definitely have plans to share more about how to utilize the clutches in different ways so it doesn’t feel like you have them just piling up. Stay tuned on that!

    • Kelly

      I really appreciate your honesty, Belen!!! I love what you said, “Life is a party? Yeah, sure, but hear this…” Taking all of what you said to heart and will think about it as we expand and explore new avenues for our content!

  • Erin

    for me, I’m gravitating to blogs that are able to maintain some heart and soul in a world where everything feels calculated, strategized and monetized. Whether that means a quick check-in with your life or plans for the weekend, or a quick blog post with a cool video/quote/shoot/whatever that you found (designlovefest does this from time to time and I love it! love hearing her thoughts on a more real-time and less scheduled basis makes it feel more personal). This is what will keep me coming back, even when there are others out there publishing content with a similar aesthetic.

    On a more personal note – I’m hoping you can go easier on yourself in 2017! The business that you’ve built is AMAZING. Try to take some time in 2017 to feel proud of what you built!

    • Kelly

      Hey Erin, thank you so much for your feedback. I’m trying to add a more personal touch to my content going forward because it’s important that my little community feel connected to me just as I do to them!

      And I’m working on feeling a little more proud in 2017!! 😉

  • Catherine

    I love what you said about the boredom thing, and I want to add it’s OVERWHELMING and INTIMIDATING to have content flashing at you that I do the same thing and just scroll and scroll and just skim the descriptions. And to be honest sometimes it feels so fake. I would love to hear more personal content because no one’s life is a party everyday – am I right about that? It’s not rhetorical, seriously am I right?? Because mine certainly isn’t. As a novice blogger whose dream is to have a blog lie what you’ve created it’s intimidating and my voice feels SO SMALL in a huge world overly saturated with content. How do you stay original? I would love advice (and maybe a little pep talk) that being a part of this DIY/blogging world is fulfilling and fun like it certainly appears on the surface.

    As for your content I love what you have already, there are so many things I’ve tried and so many I pinned to try later. I love the prompts and challenges and truthfully I’d love to see big bloggers (not just you) feature us little folk who really want to be big. I truly love this community and I don’t want to lose the support we all need to give each other to be successful.

    I totally just rambled and I’m sorry if NONE of that made sense but you asked so I replied. Stay golden, Kelly!

    • Kelly

      It totally made sense! Thank you for your insight, Catherine! You are definitely correct in no one’s life is a party everyday! Excited to share more about the behind the scenes and making of our content/business in 2017.

  • Kristina B

    I gravitate to blogs with more conversation. I read recipes, even though I can’t cook to save my life, because the person writing has a funny story or it’s just GOOD TO READ. Backstory on a project, that kind of thing. I’m not a blogger, I have no idea how you guys come up with fresh, engaging content that hasn’t been done already EVERY DAY and ahead of whatever season we’re in.
    I am excited for more “What’s in my clutch” posts. If you popped in every once in a while with “I been thinkin’…” post that would be awesome! And I am ALWAYS down for a good theme. (“RED AND WILD! That’s your theme!” NAME IT)
    Oh God things are getting out of control.
    I do feel I am getting punched in the face by the crazy colorful but 1) I choose to follow people who do the crazy colors! and 2) Whenever I see someone doing something colorful or making a cake that looks like a pool float I go “Hey that looks like StudioDIY…” haha xoxo

    • Kelly

      I actually LOVE that about some of my favorite food blogs too, that they share a great (sometimes even completely unrelated) story along with the recipe. I don’t cook a ton but I’m the same, always read those posts!!

  • Mary

    Thanks for asking! I love your blog, I’ve been reading for years.

    I came for your style, but I’ve stayed for your voice. I find myself scrolling more of the fashion/food posts but really dig in when you open up about your life. I really relate to a lot of what you’ve shared, and I can’t wait to follow along while you take on a house!

    I agree with other comments that more functional DIYs would be much appreciated, but I love what you do and what you’ve done so that’s far from a complaint!

    As someone in smaller town in a fly-over state, I’d also love to see more projects that can be sourced online or through major retailers, as I lack many of the great shopping options I used to enjoy when I lived in LA.

    P.S. Crossing fingers and saying prayers this is your year to grow your family!

    • Verity

      “I came for your style, but I’ve stayed for your voice” i so agree! Both yours and Jeffs snaps and instas are my favourite on my feed and that personal side makes me feel so connected to you and the brand beyond cute cushions. I think thats what people mean by personal. You are scolling your insta and not feeling connected right? Your snaps and personal insights help build that connection beyond pretty glittery pictures.

  • Karen Martinez

    I agree with feeling overstimulated by absolutely everything in social media! There are way too many things to keep track of, and while I always strive to find creative inspiration in what I see on the internet, it always leaves me feeling like I am behind, or like there is no time for anything. Running a creative business while also living a full life (9-5 job that pays the bills, husband, puppy, home, bills, and soon-to-arrive baby) is definitely a lot sometimes. I love your bright and happy content, but I do wish that it was more cohesive sometimes. I know wacky and colorful is your brand, but sometimes it can feel a bit all over the place. I am excited to see the new things you will bring to the blog in 2017!

    • Kelly

      I completely agree regarding feeling like you’re behind, I always feel that way! And also agree about trying to make things more cohesive. A big goal of mine in 2017!

  • Mia

    I love the blog so much! I’m not bored with you guys. Here’s what I like from your list:
    – Instagram prompts/challenges!
    – What’s in my clutch series!
    – Personal blog posts (what’s going on in your life sorts of things)
    – Random quick posts.

    I don’t *quite* know how I feel about the contributing writers. I think blogs kind of lose their voice or cohesiveness when more people start to come in. Good example: I used to love this blog group Weddingbee. Back when it started, it was different brides posting about their wedding planning. Now there are all sorts of random contributing writers and I feel like it has lost so much of what it used to be. I would hate to see that here, because I think the voice here is so wonderful and unique.

    • Kelly

      Appreciate your insight on the contributor thing, Mia! Something I will definitely consider as I make the decision about whether to proceed or not!

  • Maria

    I really love all your content. I personally would like to see more of the business side and more home/life personal posts. I follow you because you’re inspirational to me. I am working towards being a girlboss and seeing others who do it is awesome! I also love hearing your stories that deal with more serious matters (such as your fertility issues) as I feel more like I know you and you’re another human being. Some blogs have turned into just a brand and I love that your’s is still Kelly (and now even Mindel!). I really like following your story as a woman and a brand. You’re a force of greatness so keep up the good work! ❤️👍🏼👏🏼😊

    • Kelly

      Thank you Maria! Looking forward for sure to sharing more personal posts in 2017.

  • Laura French

    I just watched the Netflix doc Minimalism and it chimed with me having a feeling of overstimulation. I sometimes feel like IG is making me more materialistic. I’d like to see more posts/diys about reusing things, repurposing things, buying less and making the most of what you already have. How about making party decorations from things you might already have or splitting your clothes into 4 seasonal capsules which I did last year and has been great for buying less new stuff and simplifying my routine.

    • Kelly

      Love the four seasonal capsule wardrobe idea!! My capsule wardrobe experiment was one of my fave things in 2016, even if I didn’t stick to it completely, and would be fun to continue to explore that this year!

  • anna


    First, I’d like to say I think you are doing a wonderful job with the blog. I only check up on four blogs daily, one of which I don’t really read, I pretty much just scroll through. (Don’t worry I actually read your blog).

    I think your point (•Sharing quick posts with random thoughts, and/or things I’m loving. Just because) is good. does a good job with this, she always has insightful links to read up on. I feel like if you read a couple of things she’s posted in the past you might get inspired.

    Also, are you going on the teen mom cruise? If you are you should definitely post about that. I think that’s something unique about you, your love of teen mom. Maybe even write about other things you are really passionate about.

    p.s. Hope you take a dance class this year!

  • Janel

    Love your new ideas! Getting more ‘interview-y” sounds great. and I gotta be honest, and maybe its because I am a 26 year old professional working girl, but I am a little bored with the donuts, avocados, mermaids, unicorns, (EVERYWHERE not just your blog… like, they are everyyyywhere.. SNOOZE) overly sweet/sugar recipes (Self-Love and Health are the buzz words for 2017) and crazy DIYs. Some office DIYs would be nice – also maybe some practical gift ideas are too (like your tumblers! – what about candles, or jewelry?). More home tours (maybe other peoples home tours?). Love the idea of more personal posts that are maybe marriage/family related. What about more LA guides too? But like the real secret LA spots – not the overly hyped by other blogger spots – know what I mean? Looking forward to your changes in 2017!

    Also,a comment on yesterdays post… Use for help managing finances! I stumbled upon it last year (thanks Pandora ads) and really helped me get in focus on how to manage and better spend my money!

  • rosemary k

    i really like the idea of daily prompts and such. even though sometimes i’m swamped and can’t participate as much as i would like to, prompts give me something specific to scroll through – and i think it’s a really great way to engage with the community one has built up! it could also lead to more interviews and stuff (i love the whole concept of what’s in my clutch!) i also love personal posts (maybe bc that’s what my blog mainly is – reflections on self care/anxiety & growing up) but i know that it can be pretty ~*terrifying to post that sort of thing. i definitely write posts and then it takes me weeks to feel confident enough to post them!

  • Mindy

    I agree with the more functional DIYs, but also, I know your brand is kind of focused around pink, but I think really what makes everything seem to blend is the use of one main color. It’s okay to go blue once in a while even though it doesn’t match your brand. I noticed I was doing that a lot as well, so I started incorporating other colors and it’s so much better (and prettier) now. Give it a shot. If you don’t like it, you can always go back! Good luck and thanks for all your awesome DIYs!

  • allison

    I totally understand what you mean by the over stimulation, but one of the reasons I gravitate toward your content is because its a breath of fresh air! Its colorful, fun and so unique. I would love to see more furniture and home DIYS like you mentioned. I love seeing personal stuff from you, but I also feel like you and Jeff do a really good job of that! If I engage you on snapchat I always get a response and I love that! I would love to see more of pop culture stuff you guys enjoy books, movies, tv etc and just day to day stuff. I love peaks into your personal life, but maybe just whatever you feel comfortable sharing and is easy to write about? I don’t know, but I know I love what your doing and I love that you ask your readers opinions. Keep up the wonderful work!

  • Emily

    I have definitely become bored online lately with such an overwhelm when it comes to trendy things. If I’m being honest I LOVE following you (and Jeff!) on Insta and especially Snapchat but have found the blog to be a bit less engaging in the past. I only pop over here when I know there is a more personal or unusual post up. Some of my favorite blogs, and the few I still check daily, that have a really friendly and realistic vibe are Cup of Jo and Design Mom. They both do great interview series that I look forward to. Specifically DM’s Living with Kids and Call It a Day and Cup of Jo’s Week of Outfits and Beauty Uniforms.

    All that to say I think y’all are headed that way with the Clutch and You’re Invited series! I’ll be here no matter what for sure, just not as much for the quick, on trend DIY posts.

  • Amelia Ryczek

    I’ve noticed myself lately gravitating towards blogs/youtube channels that are more real and deep. I’ve given up on the aspirational side of social media. As far as your content specifically is concerned, I don’t live the kind of life where making new throw pillows to match the season is a priority. I think it’s fun, and I check that content out, but I don’t read every word of posts like that. Your fertility updates, your What I Wore This Week posts, and the things you mentioned about renovating/decorating a home are much more interesting to me. I don’t find myself gravitating toward content that’s just pretty, I need it to do something for me.

    • Amelia Ryczek

      Because I can’t just be concise in one comment: I think it comes down to what you want to make. If you stick to what you’ve been doing because you know it’s trending but it doesn’t make you feel happy or fulfilled the way you want it to, then you’re going to burn out. None of us want that for you. So if you think you need to branch out more, creatively, then go ahead, and I will definitely keep reading.

  • Megan

    I have been feeling overwhelmed with social media lately. Since Instagram changed they setup and i can’t see photos in order of when they are actually posted I have found that i just don’t really look at it anymore and when i do i search for the posters that i like to see. When i first started snapchat i hated it but once i got my groove i came to love it. I enjoy following people who actually create stories that flow really well like you and Jeff.
    I’ve also found i don’t post much on Facebook anymore since snapchat.

    I personally don’t like insta stories but i understand from a business/brand perspective it’s probably a lot easier to jump over to that and leave snapchat. But i’m hoping you guys don’t. #snaptroop

  • Becca

    Along with what some other people said about work, projects that you can do with kids or for a classroom! (School=work for me!) I think your style translates well to a lot of the teacher styles I see on Instagram, so it might be a cool direction.
    Thanks for being such a ray of sunshine!

  • Renee Johnson

    Hey Kelly! I love that you’ve started this thread, as 2016 has hit me hard and feeling like something was… missing. The idea of minimalism is intriguing to me because I am constantly feeling like I need to fill my space up with pretty things to distract me from confronting what matters, but what is difficult to face: genuine relationships with myself, my loved ones, and the world around me. Everything is starting to feel superficial in my life, and I think thats because I’m focusing on the meaningless and temporary things in life, rather than the meaningful and everlasting experiences and connections that I have the opportunity to cultivate every minute of the day.

    I would like to see more effort made in paying it forward and using our gifts to impact the world for good, not distract the world from the bad. Does that make sense? I have a lot of things that say something like “work sucks” in a pretty way… which is a perfect example of what I’m trying to convey and what has been suffocating me lately. I don’t have a simple solution, but the blog posts I love the most from all of the blogs I read are the ones that make some sort of charitable impact. Sure it seems impossible to do it all the time, or even more than once or twice a year, but when I think about it, a lot of the things that bloggers make, or I make as a result wind up getting tossed in a declutter session. If it winds up being so easy for me to throw away, or move on to the next thing, maybe I could make something that would impact a person’s life and wold be a valued addition to their every day world.

    In no way am I saying the things you make are meaningless or get thrown away, I’m just saying in general I think a lot of people have a lot of stuff, while a lot more people are struggling to get by with only a few.

    Sorry for the rant 🙂 I love you guys and you touch so many lives! Keep on keeping on!!

  • Amanda

    Love your blog and you. As a used to be handy homeowner and maybe again one day, I’d love to see your home decor ideas and room makeovers. Or crafts for turning a house into a home. I also love organizing and stickers. I bet you’d have some great free sticker printable ideas. Thanks for always *brightening* my day.

  • Blythe

    I really love all the ideas you’ve put out there for how to make things fresh and interesting. As a reader, I’d love to see more guest posts or ideas from other, like-minded contributors. I would also like to see more personal post on marriage, your daily life, family and how the business works. And lastly I like the idea of creating a daily prompt or maybe a weekly challenge on Instagram! I love using the studio DIY hashtags and think that creating a daily prompt or weekly challenge would help to engage your readers more on a different level.

    Looking forward to what’s to come of Studio DIY in 2017 – I know it’ll be great!

  • Ella

    One of the blogs I love most is DesignMom and she has so much of what you talked about here– lots of contributors, random thoughts, personal posts with lots of conversation, and plenty of DIYS. I’m sure you’re familiar with Gabrielle over there but she’s awesome and I enjoy learning from her, her contributors, and fellow community members and commenters. I also listen to a whole bunch of podcasts which have thriving Facebook groups for communities. I bet StudioDIY readers would get along well, so that’s an idea I’ll pitch for here!
    I also love the idea of stuff to do on a budget and large-scale DIYs. But seriously even if it stayed 100% the same I’d still check in almost daily <3

  • Paige

    Hey Kelly,

    I’ve been following your blog and account for about two years and I love that even with other accounts having some similiar ideas, yours stays uniquely YOU. It doesn’t feel forced like sooo many accounts do these days with captions like “HEY GUYS I’m so excited about this product” (an obvious and not wonderfully executed ad). You and Jeff both obviously care so deeply about your work and fans and that always shines through in your posts. I do like when you open about your personal life because I feel like you’re a friend and I root for your successes and feel your pain when you’re down. I understand though that going through things can be hard enough, let alone sharing with a large group of random strangers on the Internet. Like some others mentioned, I’d love to see your take own home decor and room styling. I’d also love some projects that are functional as well as being adorable (one example, the donut/watermelon sunhat- attainable for the average reader, functional, but still has that studiodiy uniqueness)
    Things I love (and wanna see more of!)
    -Halloween costumes! This one is a no brainer and myself and friends really look forward to what you come up with each year.
    -Posts of uniquely curated products that I would never know exist otherwise (like the amazing celebrity wrapping paper)
    -The clutch series! Not sure if you make all designs yourself but a collab with thebouffants would be killller!
    – I do like that you introduce your readers (followers, fans, groupies? Idk) to other creators whether furniture, graphic or fashion designers. Would like to continue to see collabs with other creative, small business owners that we can follow and help support.
    – Love your party planning/decor posts. I’m guessing some other readers are in the same age bracket as myself and going through the OMG-I’m going-to-a-wedding-every-month and bridesmaid phase of life. Would LOVE to see your take on kick ass and unique bridal showers, bachelorette party ideas.
    I’ve now written you a novel and feel like I just filled out the professor evaluation form from college. You’re doing an amazing job and I stay tuned in because I can’t wait to see what’s next from studiodiy and you never fail to post projects that baffle me with your talent and creativity!

    • Paige

      I’m adding more to my novel I’m sorry Kelly!

      I like your ideas of guest contributors and DIYers but agree with others that your voice is so unique and it’d be such a bummer if that took a backseat. I think you staying in the role of Jimmy Fallon (host 🙂) and others as guest contributors would help highlight the work of others while maintaining your presence.

      If YOU are comfortable with it your personal stories definitely resonate with me and apparently lots of other readers! Random thoughts and things you like are cool too!

      I had a moment a month or so ago where I looked around my apt and asked myself where did I get all this stuff!? In 2017 I’m making it a priority to organize and pare down to what I really need, esspcially with ideas of becoming a homeowner on the horizon. Reflecting a bit on what Renee mentioned above, it’s not that we don’t love what you create, WE DO! I think that readers are busy balancing work/school, family, friends, finances, relationships, maintaining health, finally trying to obtain that perfect insta worthy booty (ok, just me?) that people are just choosier on what projects they tackle and bring into their life. What’s so cool though is that you have SO MUCH creativity that you can take something functional and kinda blah and and put your own twist on it that makes me say Wow! And then want to replicate it. I hope this makes sense!

      In my conclusion statement of this continued novel (😆) myself and I’m sure many others love your voice, what you stand for, your enthusiasm, positivity, realness, sense of humor and passion for the work you do and you can’t go wrong with any of that! Cheers, Kelly! And I’m sorry for writing so much, what can I say you inspire me! 🤗

  • Connie

    I love your fun DIY tutorials and ideas. I’d love more craft ideas that I can do with my friends. I love having a group craft prepared whenever my friends come over so we have something fun and easy to do with our hands while we gossip and eat tons of junk food. Please post more DIY craft party ideas! Thank you!

  • M.E. Ster-Molnar

    I have been following along on snapchat and IG and am excited to get your newsletter. I loved your DIY shoe video and watched along with my daughter. Maybe some posts where readers / viewers show what they made that you inspired?

    I’ve been a boutique owner / retailer for years and am a big believer in community and connecting with customers. Any DIY in person events would be fun in your studio or a tour of you and Jeff might be fun.


  • Megan

    Totally overwhelmed but somehow I am completely invested in Studio DIY!

    I think it is because I relate to you, big time. While Snapchat can be overwhelming it is really where my love affair took off. LOL! I found you via costume tutorials (made the disco ball 2 years ago!) and it snow balled from there. The more personal stuff is clearly resonating.

    As for 2017, I like the idea of you interviewing people that you find interesting for whatever reason. So we get a look at some new people/ideas/trends but you are still driving the ship. Also like when you drop in with, “I was thinking… ” type posts or prompts. It seems to me that if you stay true to your likes and gut your following will be happy!

    You are one of 4 blogs I check daily. Will keep coming back!

  • Kelly

    I feel the exact same way. Completely overwhelmed. I love the idea of Instagram “themes” and anything that will bring more conversation to the blog. I’ve always enjoyed more personal posts as well. I miss the days of “random” blog posts – they weren’t overly thought out and the writer just popped in to say what’s on their mind. Social media in general feels too staged and perfect and instead of feeling inspired it leaves me feeling exhausted.

    Your candor and authenticity on Snapchat makes me a bigger fan than I already was. Its a great perspective and way to connect. Maybe bring some of those vibes to the blog too? I love where you’re headed and so appreciate you asking for our thoughts. I know you had a rough 2016 but you are quite extraordinary. I hope you feel proud and find ways to take better care of yourself this year. Happy 2017!

  • Kira

    I’m really interested to follow this conversation! I’ve been out of the blogging game for quite a while now, but it does interest me the way online media has changed in the past few years. I’m more and more drawn to “communities” (such as several Facebook groups and pages that I follow), rather than bloggers as inspirational role models, which may or may not be related to my ever increasing age, lol… I know you are talking about simplifying, which I absolutely admire, but I wonder if you had ever thought about creating a Studio DIY community where people can come to chat about crafting, parties, design, style, seek advice, give opinions, and share their own projects. I’d be 100% on board with something like that!

    I also definitely have to disagree with what you said about Studio DIY failing to stand out lately – when I see an image on Instagram, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, etc, I ALWAYS know when it’s you, whether I’ve seen it before or not!

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