Happy Weekend!


Monthly Clutch Subscription!

Holy Cannoli!! Next week is going to be F-U-L-L of exciting things, including two big announcements!!! One of which is the big reveal of January’s clutch!! (Only TWO days left to snag a taco clutch!) The other, well… I suggest you subscribe on YouTube if you wanna be the first to know! =)

Even though things are still hectic, I’ve been prioritizing seeing friends this month. Lots of dinner dates, coffee dates and brunches and it’s been so nice. Next step is to get up to Seattle to visit my BFF, come onnnnnn cheap flight deals! Haha! Hope you all have a great weekend, and don’t forget to keep an eye out on Sunday!!!!!!

The Best Things on the Internet This Week

If you haven’t taken our reader survey yet, I’d love for you to weigh in! Plus you can win a BIG Studio DIY prize.

SO many of you have printed our free calendar!!! I added in a second version for those having trouble printing it.

Pretty layered soap DIY!

Really trying hard to get better about this this year.

My girl Brittni is hiring if you’re a creative gal in ATL looking for a job!

Behind the scenes of that EPIC Golden Globes opening c/o my boyfriend Jimmy.

And while we’re on the Jimmy topic, ALL. THE. TEARS.

Happy Weekend!!


  • Kristina B

    I know you read Cup of Jo so you probably saw the article about when to never say sorry and the one that struck me was to not say sorry when you’re late. Instead say “Thank you for waiting.” Huh!
    Also, I know someone who once said to never say sorry if you’re not actually sorry. When I get rude emails on Etsy basically asking if I will practically give away cards because they don’t want to pay what it costs to buy multiple cards, I never say “I’m sorry, but…” I just say NO. haha

  • brittni

    Thanks for the shoutout about my jobs listing Kel. Happy weekend!

  • Bernadette przybyl

    Love. Item bosslady one. Taco.clutch yeah

  • Bernadette przybyl

    Like. Boss lady. Ozone and clutch yeah

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