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2017 Reader Survey Results!


Studio DIY Survey Results!

Thank you SO much to all of you who took our reader survey a few weeks back. My fave thing about the year, each year! It gives me so many good ideas to jump off of for planning our content, and this year was no different! Taking a little time today to share some highlights and thoughts from the results. So much good insight hidden in here! But most importantly…

Studio DIY Survey Results!


EHM! I don’t know if we can be friends anymore since 62% of you are W-R-O-N-G. Pop Tarts are obviously eaten untoasted. SHEESH! But I guess I still like you guys anyway… 😉

Which DIYs have you made?

Per usual, lots of Halloween costumes, my fave!!! But there were also a lot of glitter tumblers, pillows and junk food ornaments! And several of you made one or more of our cakes!

Would you be interested in seeing large scale DIYs and projects? (Furniture, room makeovers, etc.)

An overwhelming yes on this one which is super exciting! If Jeff and I are lucky enough to find a house this year, I’m sure we’ll get some room makeover action happening up in here. And I’m going to explore some other ways to bring some bigger projects to the blog, too.

Studio DIY Survey Results!

How would you feel about Studio DIY bringing on contributors?

As you know from this post, the majority of you were excited by this idea and looking forward to hearing new perspectives on the blog!

A couple of you also asked about our You’re Invited series, featuring international holidays and celebrations, and what happened to it. Because we had so much on our plate last year, we had to put it on pause, but we are working on getting it going later this year and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Is there something you’d like to see on Studio DIY that you don’t already?

A few reoccurring themes here… a lot of you mentioned seeing some more posts about running a blog, small business, brainstorming/creative processes, etc! I think some posts along those lines will fit well with the more personal angle I want to take the blog in this year. Lots of you want to hear more from Jeff (and the rest of the team), too!

Also lots of requests for more home content which, as I’ve mentioned probably too many times in the last few weeks, will hopefully be coming in FULL FORCE soon!

Studio DIY Survey Results!

Would you be interested in a Studio DIY Sewing School video series?

YES! Nearly 75% of you said yes which makes me SO happy. I’m so glad so many of you want to learn to sew!!!! This will of course take lots of time and planning on my part to do it right but I’m thinking perhaps late spring or summer we’ll get this rolling. Stay tuned!!

Where can Studio DIY improve?

I’m going to lump a bunch into one here but there were a lot of comments regarding seeing more practical/useful/”grown-up” content. This is feedback we get every year and are constantly striving towards. I do think we did a much better job in 2016 of making DIYs that were more home or fashion oriented and not so party oriented, for those who were looking for items you could use outside of a big event… but I know there is still room for improvement when it comes to the style of those items. We have a wide ranging audience in age and a very unique style! It is actually quite a personal challenge for me to figure out how to grow the brand “up” without losing it’s signature Studio DIY… charm? I’m working on it!

Something that really excited and intrigued me was how many of you mentioned wanting ways to incorporate color into your wardrobe/home and being lost on how to do that or afraid of it.  You guys! I am HERE to help you conquer your fear of color. I really love the idea of exploring this more and am thinking about doing some sort of color confidence building series surrounding it. I think it could be awesome.

 Ask me anything…

There were SO many great questions that I decided to turn them into an ongoing YouTube video series. The first one will be up on Sunday, and I’ll continue to answer your questions on various topics over the next few months. If you haven’t subscribed yet, be sure to do that so you’re the first to know when the videos are up!

And that’s it for now! Looking forward to adding some more perspectives and some more personal content to the blog this year. And hopefully teaching every single ONE of you how to sew!!! =)


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