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The 411 on Our Hashtags! (We Wanna Share Your Photos!)


A Guide to Studio DIY Hashtags!

Last year we created a bunch of fun hashtags for you guys to use on Instagram and I started sharing some of my faves on my @studiodiy handle! It was so fun to connect with you guys that way and share some of the crazy/amazing/delicious/colorful snaps you take! When summer hit and we had so much going on (prepping for our costume launch, a few changes to our team, my surgery, etc.) that I totally fell off the wagon and kind of stopped sharing them.

I’ve really missed it so we’ve been working behind the scenes to make it happen again and now we’re READY to start sharing your photos again! YAYAYAY! I figured it would be nice to do a little refresher on all the ones we have, and some new ones we added too… which I am REALLY excited about!! A lot of you have continued using them while we were on this little hiatus, which makes me so happy, but for those who haven’t and want to… here’s a guide on what they’re all about!

This one is new! Since it’s no secret that we love pink around here (and you guys seem to also!) I thought it would be really fun to have a hashtag dedicated to it! Use this one and anything and everything pink!

#studiodiylovespink hashtag

Photos via: @officegoth | @elizabethluiss | @hipsterartteacher |  @dixieandtwine

Our most used one! I knew I liked you guys. 😉 Use this tag on any pic you take of your sweet treats so we can all get our sugar fix on.

studiodiysugarfix hashtag
Photos via @sprinklesandwiches | @aliceandlois | @violettinder | @littlesweetkaren

Tag all your favorite wall and mural photos with this one! And per many requests, we’re gonna do our best to find out the locations of the ones we re-post so you all can visit them too.

studiodiywallcrawl hashtag
Photos via @marycostaphoto | @agirlshouldb2things | @rclayton | @drcarolinebergeron

This one is for all of you out there who are giving our projects, recipes, parties and tips a try! I love seeing your versions of the content we create more than anything so be sure to use this hashtag whenever you share!

troopstudiodiy hashtag
Photos via @craftedbyjen@catherineblubaugh@artfuldays@sarah_thebella

When we launched our balloon shop, I knew I wanted to have a hashtag so I could see all the fun things you’re doing with them! So if you’ve made a balloon purchase, be sure to tag your photos with this one so we can see them! We hope to re-post a lot of these on both my account and our shop account!

studiodiyballoons hashtag
Photos via @natalieaerin | @lovelyindeed | @inhonorofdesign | @bakingandbraidingbabes

Where my Can’t Clutch This subscribers at!? I LOVE seeing all the photos you guys have been sharing of your new clutch each month!!!! We also run some really fun giveaways for people who tag their CCT photos with this one, so be sure to do so anytime you share!

Can't Clutch This Hashtag
Photos via @calliopepaperie | @hazelandbean | @trysmallthings | @lizzie_darden

And that’s a wrap! For those wondering, we decided to no longer use the #studiodiymoreismore hashtag because it just felt a little confusing. I think the other ones are much more clear, fun and easy to use whenever you’re tagging up your pics!!!! I can’t wait to start sharing your photos again, so get to tagging you guys! See you on the ‘gram!

p.s. Learn how to make that hashtag pillow!


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