Happy Weekend!


Where did all my hair ties go?

Meme by Violet Clair

How was your week!? Ours was pretty good! We had a few fun shoots and are gearing up for a couple fun brunches with friends this weekend. In between, I’m continuing to bug Jeff about baby names since I just can’t stop re-reading all your suggestions. Haha! I’m actually working on another fun baby name post since it’s clear that you guys are MY PEOPLE and love the topic just as much as I do! Stay tuned! =) Hope you are all up to something fun this weekend!!!

The Best Things on the Internet This Week

If you’re doing some weekend shopping, don’t miss our ultimate ASOS shopping guide!

Speaking of… these glitter shoes though!

Super cute DIY rainbow brooch!


If I could marry a chair, I’d marry this one.

The CUTEST unicorn pillow!

Limited Too. Those were the DAYS!

How fun are these plush cacti!? (+ a pink one too!)

Why is lunch just the weirdest meal?

OMG I have never needed an item of clothing so badly.

“You should link to Bella’s Instagram.” – Jeff

Happy Weekend!


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