Happy Weekend!


The Truth About Glitter

#glitterproblems haha!
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! We’ve got a big giveaway going on here in honor of the lucky day! I know it snowed all over the midwest and east coast last week but it was like summer here. I almost forgot what LA sun feels like felt after SO much rain! So if anyone was wondering why I moved to LA… hahaha! Anywho… clutch launch weeks are always SO fun, and they remind me just how fast time goes. I can’t even believe the girl power clutch is out there for all of you to see (and buy) already!

Nothing big going on here this weekend, hope you have an equally relaxing weekend too!!

The Best Things on the Internet This Week

How CUTE are these lucky charms brooches!?

Faux stained glass doors need to happen in my future house.

When you’re just so excited you can’t even focus.

Ruffle shorts!!

More lucky charms! Except these ones are edible. And there’s ice cream involved.

Been seeing these bow mules everywhere and NEED a pair!

The rainbow jello situation I never knew I needed.

How pretty is this blue coat!?

Love balloons and love cake so this is A-OK with me!

Had way too much fun reading this baby name forum.

Happy Weekend!


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