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Arlo: One Month


Arlo: One Month

I’ve always loved reading monthly updates of my friends little babes, so I thought I’d start doing them for Arlo’s first year of life! I actually love reading things like that even more now because I’ve gone back through to see what similarities and differences their little ones have to Mr. A and it’s definitely brought me comfort for a few things where I was like “Is this normal?”

Last week, Arlo turned one month old and it feels like yesterday and also forever ago that we met him! He’s a pretty stellar baby overall, a champ at sleeping at night (only wakes up once!) and a great eater up until recently. He has “thrush” which I had never heard of. Poor guy! We’re treating it and I’m sure he’ll be back to his normal hungry self soon!

We’ve learned that he loves music. He was upset one day and I was home alone and not sure what else to do so, so I grabbed my phone and put on the first song I could think of, Everything by Michael Bublé. He instantly stopped crying, and still does every time! He also loves Disney tunes. SCORE! Sharing music with him makes me the most emotional. I cry all the time when we first listen to a new song with him. My dad used to dance with me every night during witching hour to calm me down, and music has always been a big part of Jeff + my life so I think it’s extra special to me.

He’s also a social butterfly! He loves people and being out and about which we are thrilled about! We take him everywhere and he loves it. He falls asleep like a rockstar in his carseat or Solly wrap when we’re out but even when he’s awake, he just lives for looking around. I know he can’t really see all that far yet but he sure acts like he can!

He loves holding onto my hair for dear life, Dad’s singing, bouncing as fast/hard as possible, and being un-earthed from his swaddle in the mornings.

As far as what he’s not into… he kind of hates naps when we’re home. Has to cry himself to sleep for every one and it’s so sad!! We haven’t figured out a solution to this yet so any suggestions are welcome. =) He also doesn’t love getting dressed but I explained to him that unfortunately, it is generally required to wear pants in public so he better get used to it. 😉

We’re just starting to see his first real smiles which is THE BEST and he’s starting to change so much more every day. We love every moment, and Bella is finally adjusting after a rocky start. We can’t wait to see what this next month holds!!!

p.s. I’ll have a DIY for the number pillows I’m making for each month SOON! A lot of you have requested it. Yay! Turns out it takes longer to sew a few pillows when you have a newborn needing most of your attention. 😉


  • Les

    i LOOVE these posts!
    cant wait to see how he grows in the upcoming ones!

    im still over the moon for you guys!

    since he’s now a new studio diy memeber, i can’t wait to see what pinata you guys make him do from scratch! lol

  • Kristina B

    I LOVE that Arlo is so into music!!! That makes me so happy for you because you’re just a LITTLE bit into singing and dancing. A little.

  • Brandi

    This is just the sweetest update. It’s so fun to see where ya’ll have been going and Arlo is just the cutest!

  • Amanda

    Oh my goodness, I cannot believe Arlo is already 1 month old!! It really is so crazy how time both seems to move so slowly and yet fly by with a new little baby *insert all the crying emojis!*

    I am so happy you are going to share the monthly photos of Arlo because I’m just like you I freaking love this stuff! And that number pillow you made! I LOVE!!

    Naps are hard for sure, but thankfully it sounds like he is a pretty great night sleeper! For the first several months the only way my guy would nap was on my chest, which I loved, but it was also just super exhausting because I literally couldn’t do anything else, haha. My best advice is when he gets a little older get him on a nice little nap routine and schedule, my little one really thrived with his naps once we started this.

    I’m seriously just so happy for you guys! Alro is so incredibly lucky to have you both as his parents.

    • Kelly

      Makes me feel better that we aren’t the only ones who struggle with naps! I’ve definitely heard a routine is important + we are constantly working on perfecting ours!

  • Kimberly

    I’ve got a 6 month old and she sleeps all night too however, when it comes to nap times she only takes two 30 minute naps a day. She will NOT nap anywhere except the car, stroller, or on me when we’re home. If she doesn’t fall asleep while sipping her bottle then it’s a lot of bouncing and humming to get her to fall asleep. She is a very aware baby and has a hard time relaxing so sounds like Arlo might be the same!

    • Kelly

      Yes!! Sounds so similar to baby A! He is SO aware and it seems so hard for him to relax.


    LOVE these posts!! They’re so fun and you’ll love being able to have them to make a book or something for him someday! He sounds just amazing and like such a good baby! Happy 1 month Arlo!

  • Marie

    ” He also doesn’t love getting dressed but I explained to him that unfortunately, it is generally required to wear pants in public so he better get used to it. ”
    This is probably the ONLY time in his life that it’s acceptable for him to not wear pants.

  • belen

    this is sooo sweet!!!! so happy for you <3

  • Beck

    You’ve all survived a month – HOORAY! One glorious, exhausting, love bubble of a month. Well done!

    The first 6 weeks are all about survival, so don’t fret too much if sleep isn’t to a routine as yet. One of the big bonuses of bottle fed babes is you can start to introduce a routine in earlier. This website really helped me understand the eat, play, sleep, repeat schedule and the importance of a schedule.

    No one told me that when they’re tiny they can only be up for 30-60min, once I knew that Bub was peacefully going down for naps.

    Good luck! ☀️

    • Kelly

      Haha! “Survival” is definitely the name of the game! 😉 Thank you for the rec, I’ll check it out!!

  • Jen Kessler

    Hey Kelly! I have two comments:
    1) I used this site ( and followed their sleep guides for both my kids. It was VERY helpful for me. But I’ve recommended it to friends and it just depends on your parenting style.
    2) From 0-3 months you don’t have to be scare about holding or rocking them to sleep if you want to. You can start that training around 3 months (according to my mom of 4 sister:)). I was terrified of holding my first kid to sleep when he was tiny so I never did but then on baby #2 I realized it was OK when they were in those first few months and it was so sweet for me.

    Hope that is somewhat helpful!!

    • Kelly

      Thank you for that reminder! I get so nervous that he’s going to be dependent if we hold/rock him too much but it’s true, when they’re this little it’s a totally different ballgame!!

  • Emily

    I just randomly came across your site, which led me to your instagram, which led me back to this blog post. I opened it to see your baby’s name is Arlo and I died. That’s my baby’s name too!! I never heard it anywhere until he was about a month old and I found out it was the name of a dinosaur in a cartoon, haha. Anyway–Arlo friends! And congrats on the baby! I’m slightly jealous yours sleeps so well (we’re still working on our Arlo), but they certainly are more amazing than I ever imagined. And our Arlo likes tunes too. When he was really tiny and horrible at sleeping we’d play him music like ABBA and Queen and dance around holding him, so those often became his lullabies.

  • Meghan

    Hi Kelly from bonnie Scotland!

    I stumbled across your blog last year (or maybe the year before?!) and I totally love reading all about your creative life. I also feel like I’ve been following your family’s parenthood dream forever, so when I realised your AMAZING news about Arlo I honestly cried with happiness!

    Congratulations to you and your beautiful family, and all the very best on your brilliant adventure. I can’t wait to read more about him!

    Loadsa Scottish love and hugs xox

  • carrie

    Ah, I loved reading this! Xo


  • Lauren

    He is such a cutie!!!

  • Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

    Kelly!! I thought I commented way back … but I guess I just read it and forgot to comment! Oh Arlo is SO DANG CUTE! I love it every time you post about him on IG or Stories… I can get my quick Arlo fix!!

    As for naps – when I discovered wearing Teddy, it was pretty awesome – I could go for a walk and he’d fall asleep, and sometimes stay asleep in the carrier for 2+ hours while I did stuff. We also swaddled him and sang LOTS to put him to sleep, then CAREFULLY lower down into the bassinet or crib, haha… – sounds like Arlo loves music – but, in reality, naps and sleeping are just tough and there will be good ones and very bad ones. 😛

    Remember too this is just a short time in your lives – better to get as many snuggles and baby holding in as you can … one day Arlo will be an almost-5-year-old and you will be absolutely longing to hold him like you did when he was a wee babe… XOXO

  • natalie

    He’s so adorable! Such a deep look he has! so handsome!!!!


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