Happy Weekend!


High Waisted Jeans Problem

There is a 100% chance I am unbuttoning my jeans the second I get in my car because ain’t nobody got time for that!
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This was supposed to be my first “real” week back to work, but I kind of ended up working throughout my “maternity leave” so I’m sticking to a part-time schedule still and working a lot from home. Feeling really lucky that Jeff and I are both able to have such flexible schedules so we can spend as much time as possible with baby A right now! We’re headed to my niece’s birthday party tonight and maybe shopping for a new car this weekend as our lease is almost up! If anyone has a small SUV that you love, let me know below! Hope you have something fun planned! Happy happy!

The Best Things on the Internet This Week

I’m gonna be needing these rainbow PJs.

If you need a Mother’s Day card, don’t forget our fun free printable ones from last year!

Obsessed with these spring-y shoe makeovers!

Cute cute pegboard planter!

MUST MAKE one of these rainbow pillows for Arlo’s nursery!

Just some hamsters on vespas, no biggie.

Jimmy Kimmel’s story about our healthcare system really hit home. Worth a listen.

Happy Weekend!


  • Amanda Berg

    Toyota Rav 4! You can’t beat the safety and reliability! Plus great resale value and every Toyota we’ve owned.

    • Kelly

      Thanks Amanda! We’ve heard great things about Toyota!

      • Sarah

        I second the Toyota Rav-4! I have had mine since 2009 and I love it!

  • Leslie

    Happy Friday! YAY! Your posts are always full of such cheer and happiness. It sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. I had to chime in with my small SUV love. I have a Jeep Compass and I am in love with it. It’s the perfect size and drives like a dream!

    I hope you find something you loooove this weekend. Enjoy!

  • Mandy

    I love my Honda CRV. With regular maintenance I’ve had no issues with it. I bought with my big dog in mind but my neighbors had twins and two car seats fit in the back too.

  • Jessica rice

    We just had a little guy 2 weeks before Arlo was born and love love love our Rav 4. It’s super convenient and has plenty of space for getting the car seat in and out. It’s also the perfect height for putting the stroller in the trunk and taking it out without having to bend over! Trust me you’ll love it!!

    • Kelly

      Now that two people have said it, we’ll definitely have to check it out!

  • Raechel Smith

    Flexible schedules are the bees knees for life with littles!! So excited for your journey with baby A 🙂 We have a Kia Sorento and I love it, it’s a great fit for car seats (you can even fit three across if that need arises) and the gas mileage and upkeep has been wonderful.

  • LJ

    I’m obsessed with my Hyundai Tuscan. It the perfect size and still easy to park in LA. I’ve had people stop and ask be what I’m driving because it looks so good. It drives so smoothly and I’ve had mine for 5 years and haven’t had any trouble with it.

  • Dolores

    I’ve always been a hardcore Honda fan but when it came time to purchase an SUV, theirs didn’t really speak to me. I never had that ‘Yes! This is the one!’ reaction whenever I sat in one of their SUV’s. I’m all about going with my gut feeling. So what sold me was the Subaru Outback. I highly recommend it! It drives smoothly (gobbles up the road), it’s comfortable (hello reclining back seats!) and super safe. FYI, the Outback is technically a station wagon (built on a regular car platform) but it’s elevated off the ground, giving it the look of an SUV.

    Good luck car shopping this weekend!


    p.s. Baby Arlo is so lucky to have you guys as parents! Congrats again!

    p.s.s I’m not a car aficionado but I think my husband would be soo impressed with my car review. Ha!

  • Alex

    We have the Volvo XC60 and we adore it. Test drove almost every SUV on the market but it felt safest, was easy to drive, and I liked the looks.

  • Deanna

    While not an SUV, I love my Subaru Outback! It has some of the best safety ratings, which is my number one concern now that I have little ones in the car. It has just as much space as other small SUVs, is comfortable, and it drives well. I love it! And so does our whole family.

  • Brittany

    I just got a Subaru Crosstrek and I LOVE it.


    I just bought my first pair of high waisted jeans hopefully I won’t have to unbutton them lol. Congratulations on the new addition!

  • Sarah

    Love love love my Subaru Forester! I had one in college and it was a beast. It had over 200,000 miles on it when I finally said goodbye and was still running great. I bought a new one 1 week before our first kidlet arrived and it was a great choice! And now we have a toddler seat and a car seat for our 3 week old and there is still plenty of room for all of our stuff. Don’t let the sticker shock get you- these cars are made to last!

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