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Happy Weekend!


Thinking About Showering Like...

When thinking about showering feels like preparing to climb Mt. Everest…
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Hi guys!!! It’s an exciting EXCITING weekend here!!!! First, Jeff’s family is in town to meet Arlo!! Second, today we celebrate our TEN YEAR anniversary of being together. And third, it’s my first Mother’s Day!!! Yowza. What a weekend!!! We’re headed to brunch with friends, Unique LA and Mother’s Day brunch and I’ll be snuggling baby A extra hard this weekend. A lot to be grateful for right now. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms and soon to be moms. And Happy Mother’s Day to those still on their journey towards motherhood. You will get there too and I’m thinking about you all extra hard this weekend. Sending all my love, hugs and strength.

The Best Things on the Internet This Week

Suddenly I need thigh high hot pink socks.

I was interviewed for The Laptop Lifestyle podcast! Listen to my episode here!

You know I love a good shoe DIY.

Also, puffy shoe stickers.

All about that homemade funfetti!

Make some birthday cake soap for Mom!

This pink cacti patterned pillow is so cute!


All. The. Ruffles.

Happy Weekend!

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  • Kristina B

    Happy first Mother’s Day Kel!!!! Have the best day. You deserve every happiness you have right now. And have fun at Unique LA!!! So jelly you get to go to that!!!

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