Happy Weekend!


Friday Night Plans

I don’t know what you have planned for your Friday but…
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It has been a crazy week prepping for an even crazier one!! Next week, we’re headed to the desert for a couple big photo shoots we have planned. We’ve spent the week crafting and booking rentals and prep, prep, prepping! I’m so excited to share everything we’ve been working on!!!! But first, this weekend, we’re headed to my niece’s graduation and seeing friends who are in town! Hope you all have some fun stuff planned! Or just some Netflix and ice cream… 😉

The Best Things on the Internet This Week

This post about pattern is EVERYTHING and also THE STRIPED JUMPSUIT!

Speaking of jumpsuits… all about this gingham jumpsuit.

IMPORTANT NEWS! The Social Security Administration finally released the top baby names of 2016.

And here’s some more in-depth analysis of that list. Gosh, baby names are the best.

You put the fun in funfetti.

How can I be this girl?

My absolute FAVORITE book to read to Arlo.

I mean, what else would you write your dissertation on?

Happy Weekend!


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