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Arlo: Four Months


Four Month Monthly Photo

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Four months feels like SUCH a big month! Holy moly. Arlo is like a real person now! We had our four month doctors appointment and he passed with flying colors, weighing in at 14 lbs 6 oz and 25.5 inches long! What a tall, skinny guy!

Every week he gets more and more fun. He’s now a master at rolling from his stomach to his back, and he’s almost rolling from back to stomach too. He’s laughing a lot more which is the best sound I’ve ever heard and he’s really starting to notice and interact with everything. He’s reaching for things and bringing them to his mouth like a champ! He is also obsessed with trying to fit his entire fist in his mouth. This often results in gagging. Ha!

Possibly related, he’s stellar at projectile spitting up on everything and everyone and smiling afterwards, so we have to warn people before they hold him. He’s gotten more and more vocal. In addition to happy and mad screams, he now sometimes sings while we burp him. It’s hilarious!

Right after he turned three months he decided he absolutely H-A-T-E-D the car. And he let us know by screaming from the moment we set him in the car to the moment we took him out. Even if I was sitting next to him, SCREAMS! He’s been a little bit better the last week or so, but if you have any tricks for districting babies who hate the car, help a girl out!

I do think a large part of it is because he’s… bored? Arlo’s so active and just seems to get bored easily in general. We recently bought an excersaucer which we’re hoping will help with that! He’s definitely a little guy that likes to be entertained. But I just love how curious he is as a result! Curiosity is such a sign of creativity and you know that makes this mama happy! I can’t wait until he can really start exploring everything. It feels like he’s itching to be an early crawler.

The doctor said we can start introducing solids whenever we feel comfortable which we’re ridiculously excited about! I’m going to start doing some research on what kinds of foods I want to start with and once we finally get a high chair (now that we’ll have room for one!), we’ll get him rolling on some real food! Wahooo!!!

And that’s that! Arlo, doing four months like a pro!!

Monthly Baby Photos

Ok last fun bit of news!!! June & January, our favorite kids clothing company for Arlo, is offering a crazy awesome buy one get one deal JUST for you guys on their solid color tank shorties!!!!

That’s what Arlo is wearing up there and basically what he wears every day because it’s so easy to get him dressed in it and so so comfy for him!!! I also love the fabric they use. We’ve washed these a zillion times and you honestly cant tell. So many of his other onesies/clothes look so worn after just one wash. These don’t!! Anyway, from now through July 31st you can use code ‘BOGOSTUDIODIY’ here for a buy one get one free deal on the solid tank shorty!!!! They have up to size 2T! Arlo currently wears the 0/6M size for reference! Get on that, ladies!!!

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  • Justina

    Your kid is the cutest!
    One of my younger brothers used to get really board in the car and learned how to get out of his rear facing car seat. We had to start wrapping his seat with ace bandage once he was in, so he couldn’t wriggle his way out. I hope is Arlo is creative, but not that creative 😉

    • Kelly

      Oh my gosh haha!! I can TOTALLY see him figuring that out. Things to look forward to. 😉 Ha!

  • Sarah

    For car rides, do you have any toys with clips/hooks that you can hang from the car seat handle?

    Something like this:

    • Kelly

      We have one little giraffe that he’s not very in to but that toy looks awesome! I think if it was more entertaining he would like it way better. Might have to get that!

  • Korin B.

    This photo actually made me laugh out loud this morning. He is such a perfect funny little squish! I love him. Thank you for sharing.

  • Les

    THAT HAIR!!!!!
    THAT SMILE!!!!!!!!!!
    i love everything about picture #4.
    what a cuuutie!!!!

  • Hannah

    My baby has always hated the car and still does at 14 months. We bought a kindle fire and attached it to one of those mirrors in the backseat so she can watch tv.

  • Jillian Z

    Try this toy:

    Wrap it around the car seat handle and it works wonders! It helped our little guy so much. We found one at target with a tether on it!

  • Pat

    Could he be an cuter and so happy.

  • Jenny

    Our little guy is 7 months old and we went through a car hating patch too. I found he was easy to distract with colourful board books cos you can change what he has to look at a lot, and also we got a small square blanket with ribbons sewn on that kept him busy for hours, around 5 months old he became obsessed with zips, buttons, laces, ribbons etc and so the blanket really helped in the car. Oh also rattle socks, they worked well too, especially as you say Arlo is active, our boy too so he can jiggle his legs around and keep himself occupied with the noise.
    P.S. I am still so pleased to read you guys’ story. I actually started reading your blog cos I love crafty stuff but we had a similarly tough time having our little boy and I felt you wrote about your own struggles in a way that I could totally relate to. Your positivity in the face of what I know all too well to be a horrible problem to face really helped me in darker moments and it is so lovely to see you got a happy ending!

  • Thai

    My little guy absolutely hated (like breath-holding crying spells hate) the car when he was that little. I stumbled upon “if you’re happy and you know it” by on YouTube and it saved our lives. Now that he’s almost a year and totally onto us, it doesn’t work as well on him but any song will typically soothe him for a bit. Good luck! Crying babies in car is so stressful!

  • Isabelle

    So cute! Is he doing the same no matter who is driving? Cose ours hate the grandpa driving! IDK. Don’t worry this is gonna change soon! A couple of months!

  • Ci-san

    He’s so cute! I love the fact that you dress him with pink clothings. <3 Here in France people criticise the parents who do this. Pink is for girl and blue for boys…

  • Becky

    Ah! When they hate the car it makes everything so hard! My son hated it up until the moment he was front facing. I think he was bored and car sick. Hate to say it because he’s so little and if you can’t plan rides around naps, a DVD player. Get the dvds for infants that had just shapes and colors. Or one of the musical crib baby Einstein things maybe?
    Best of luck! It sucks but they do outgrow it!

  • Audrey

    Wow, Kelly, I’ve spent the past two days engrossed in reading about all your pregnancy and adoption adventures. All I can say is “wow.” I mean, I imagined everyone in Mommy and Me class had an interesting story, but yours tops it all.
    I’m so glad you and Jeff ended up with the most precious gift of them all, Arlo. He’s a cutie. I’m so looking forward to reading more of your baby posts and getting ideas for cute baby goods.

    Audrey + Olivia

  • Ali

    When were babies, my mom says she taped a visually stimulating picture to the seat in front of us. We just stared at them, mesmerized, the whole time we were in the car. I believe she used an Escher image.

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